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Six Ways to Scale Media Innovation

K- Knight Foundation SIX WAYS TO SCALE DocumentCloud 2009 KNIGHT NEWS CHALLENGE THE BREAKOUT SUCCESS STORY OF DOCUMENT CLOUD, A PLATFORM TO HELP REPORTERS ANNOTATE AND SHARE SOURCE DOCUMENTS. GRANT AMOUNT: $719,500 1. A Need You Challenge Piles of source 2. Change in Bite-size documents with Can Feel scribbled notes and post-its needed a digital replacement. Pieces DocumentCloud identified a clear need that journalists understood and provided an The grand vision of openly sharing source documents was built accessible solution. with familiar entry points. Reporters could upload and annotate files privately, and make them public later when they felt comfortable. Proposal A platform to help reporters annotate and 2010 2012 17% 63% DOCUMENTS SHARED DOCUMENTS share source SHARED documents. PUBLICLY PUBLICLY {400 TOTAL} {184,000 TOTAL} 4. Beta Test in a 3. Energizing an Open Source 250K SOURCE Native Environment CODE DOWNLOADS Community Being embedded in the NYTimes and ProPublica infused the project with an intimate understanding of newsrooms and provided a lab for honing critical features. *1,000 CODE ADAPTATIONS TO DATE In addition to the Main DocumentCloud s0 1,100 BUG CONTRIBUTORS application, the project spawned 8 open source code modules that have 160 CODE become significant components of projects across the web. CONTRIBUTORS DCOD PRO Releasing standalone source code components early and often built a robust developer community. 5. Eliminate the Growth of DocumentCloud Technology CUMULATIVE ACCOUNTS OVER TIME 1,844 1,435 Hurdles 431 DocumentCloud didn't require newsrooms to host documents or agree to a formal use policy. Newsrooms didn't have to run JANUARY DECEMBER DECEMBER MARCH and maintain software on their 2010 2010 2011 2012 servers which meant those with limited technical capacity could still adopt the tools. 6. Build for the Flood PAGE VIEWS DOCUMENT UPLOADS As of May 2012 Providing extra server capacity for big news days helped DocumentCloud take advantage of mainstream exposure and publicly validate its assumption of reader engagement 300K June DOCUMENT UPLOADS 111,589 Document uploads 777,698 Page views 1,844 with source documents. Alaskan government January Opened document repository to public searches releases Sarah Palin's emails & Rod Blagojevich ACTIVE USERS convicted on 17 of 20 corruption counts. 600 October Backbone.js Partnership toolkit module established with March Initial release of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) ORGANIZATIONS Document Viewer, a module for extracting text, rendering images and creating PDFS 4,670,911 October Release of TOTAL PAGES Underscore.js, a javascript programming aid module 51,465 2009 2010 2011 2012 REPORTER ANNOTATIONS INSIGHTS GATHERED FROM 'EXPERIMENTS IN MEDIA INNOVATION: A LOOK AT THE 2009 KNIGHT NEWS CHALLENGE WINNERS', AUGUST 2012

Six Ways to Scale Media Innovation

shared by knightfdn on Sep 06
Ingredients of successful Knight News Challenge projects: a review of past winners looks at what makes them work, including DocumentCloud.


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