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Siri vs. Google Voice Search

VS Google Siri vs Google Voice Search Mobile Voice Search Is The Latest Battle Ground For Tech Titans DID YOU KNOW? APPLE AND GOOGLE ARE FIGHTING IN THE MOST IMPORTANT BATTLE IN TECHNOLOGY PAST FUTURE Whoever wins will be positioned to leverage the enormous tech-shift from desktops to smartphones and tablets. 51 % LOADING... HOW IT STARTED Apple revolutionizes the mobile-phone market with the iPhone. Apple awarded $1.05 billion in lawsuit against Google partner, Samsung, for infringing on smartphone patents. A big win for the spirit of Steve Jobs. June 2007 Sept 2008 May 2012 Steve Jobs is furious when Google launches Android because he Google pours millions of dollars into developing August 2012 was convinced it ripped off features from the iPhone. Android and billions more SAMSUNG bolstering its intellectual property position by buying Motorola Mobility. PATENTS & LAWSUITS Google and Apple continue to file patents in the mobile space. In the smartphone industry alone, as much as $20 billion was spent on patents over the last two years. AN AMOUNT MARS ROVER MISSIONS EQUAL TO FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCES open vs closed 6 TOP SECRET 8 Google Google's model has been to distribute the Android system Apple's model is end-to-end control over the iPhone process, for free to the developer from hardware to software to the community at large and let a thousand flowers bloom. mobile applications that it must approve for sale in the App Store. SECRET WEAPONS DARPA 14 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Siri was a DARPA project NO WONDER SIRI IS SO IMPRESSIVE. Google and the CIA HOW CLOSE ARE THEY? GOOGLE'S IT'S DEVELOPMENT WAS FUNDED BY ACQUISITION OF KEYHOLE, THE CIA THE DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH FUNDED SATELLITE MAPPING PROJECTS AGENCY, WHICH IS AN SOFTWARE IS NOW KNOWN AS AGENCY OF THE UNITED STATES GOOGLE EARTH. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. 2013 Current State of Affairs Apple introduced the iPhone 4S with their implementation chairman Eric of Siri in October, 2011. executive chief, Google's Schmidt, conceded that Siri could pose a "competitive threat" to the company's core search business. and former In October 2012 Google fought back by updating their Search app for i0S, which featured an enhanced Google Voice Search function, similar to that of the Voice Search function found in Google's Android Jelly Bean and aimed to compete with Apple's own Siri voice assistant. vs 8 HEAD HEAD GOOGLE AND APPLE DUEL FOR CONTROL OF VOICE ENABLED SEARCH We pit them against each other to see who delivers the best results... ROUND 1 QUERY EFFICIENCY wwww WINNER: GOOGLE VOICE SEARCH C WINNER GOOGLE .. Verizon 2:36 PM . Verizon ? 2:36 PM 66 Who painted the Mona who painted the Mona Lisa Lisa 99 Would you like me to search the web for 'Who painted the Leonardo da Mona Lisa'? Vinci Search the web Mona Lisa, Artist Mona Lisa - Wikipedia, the free wclopedia Lisa Vinci began painting the Mona 1504 in Florence, Italy. Who painted tu Mona Lisa? the Mona Lisa - appier Mona Lisa: Is It a GOOGLE WAS ABLE TO GIVE THE ANSWER RIGHT AWAY WITH NO EXTRA CLICKS. ROUND 2 QUERY QUALITY WINNER: SIRI on ? 4:10 PM l. Verizon ? 4:10 PM WINNER SIRI can I help you with? who was the 16th president of United States Who was the 16th president of United States 9 Abraham Lincoln Here's what I found: Mentioned in results below Input interpretation United States President 16th List of Presidents of the United States - Wikipedia, the free ... of Presidents o. anuary 12, 2009. A "Abraham Result Abraham Lincoln Basic information official position Cublic, National Union Party - American Presidents". Presider Unite Who was the 16th Rep president of the United States? country mary affiliation - political affiliation oln-Wikipedia, the Dedia BOTH SIRI AND GOOGLE GAVE THE CORRECT ANSWER (ABRAHAM LINCOLN) BUT SIRI PROVIDED EXTRA CONTEXTUAL DETAILS. QUERY ACCURACY WINNER: TIE ROUND 3 WINNER TIE l. Verizon ? 2:31 PM zon 2:32 PM What can I help you with? what is 72 degrees fahrenheit in Celsius 66 What is 72°F in Celsius 99 OK, Jacqui, here you go: 72 degrees Fahrenheit is 22.222 degrees inter tation Celsius convert 72 °F (degrees Fahrenheit) to degrees Celsius Result 22.22 °C (degrees Celsius) Additional conversions 295.37 K (kelvins) 531.67 °R (degrees Rankine) 72 degrees Fahrenheit in 17.778 °Ré (degrees Réaumu 19.167 °Rø (degrees Rømer What is 72° m. What is_72_degree... ces Fahrenheit is 22.22 4.778 °C below optimum t ranrenheit in The conversion formula is C Celsius? Comparisons as temperature BOTH APPS RETURNED ACCURATE RESULTS TO THIS QUERY, AND DELIVERED THEM DIRECTLY. CONCLUSION Both companies have produced high quality mobile voice search applications. With no clear front runner, it will be important to watch how both organizations further integrate mobile into their competitive strategies. SOURCES Cheng, Jacqui. "Siri versus Google Voice Search: Fightl" Ars Technica. (November 14, 2012). Duhigg, Charles, and Steve Lohr. "In Technology Wars, Using the Patent as a Sword." The New York Times. (October 7, 2012). Gustin, Sam. "Why Apple vs. Google Is the Most Important Battle in Tech." (November 12, 2012). Gustin, Sam. "Apple's $1 Billion Patent Win Over Samsung Rattles Google's Cage." (August 28, 2012). Russell, Mark. "Apple, Google Facebook, Amazon: The Tech War Cometh - Four digital giants increasingly eyeing others' turf in 2013: WSJ." (December 26, 2012). Thier, Dave. "More than $20 Billion Spent on Patent Litigation in Two Years." Forbes. (August 10, 2012). Wikipedia. "In-Q-Tel." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (January 4, 2013). Arthur, Charles. "Voice recognition: has it come of age?" The Guardian. (November 20, 2012). Schmidt, Eric, Google's Eric Schmidt: Apple's Siri could pose 'threat, London: Telegraph. (November 23, 2011) intelliresponse ©2013 IntelliResponse Systems Inc. All rights reserved. CE AGENCY CENTRAL 1325.01 3482.90 6053.76 ...... OB

Siri vs. Google Voice Search

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The mobile wars are heating up again with Google and Apple going head to head in what many believe to be one of the most important technology battles yet: Apple’s Siri vs. Google Voice Search. Think...


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