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SIP: Terms to Remember

SIP: ragofone Terms to remember USER AGENT: The end-point of a SIP call. It initiates SIP requests as instructed by the user and, when it receives a SIP request, contacts the user and responds to the request on their behalf. PROXY: It is used to route requests and enforces policy or firewalls. It accepts requests on behalf of a user and passes them on, even modifying them if required, to the user. REDIRECTOR: This is a redirect server that is used to provide user mobility. It accepts SIP requests and returns O - - new addresses that should be contacted to fulfill the request. REGISTRAR: Accepts registration requests. These requests enable users to update their location and policy information. SESSION DESCRIPTION PROTOCOL (SDP): It decodes multimedia sessions in a format that is understood by participants over a network. Its primary job is to relay information about media streams in multimedia sessions to help participants gather information about a session. REAL-TIME TRANSPORT PROTOCOL (RTP): A network protocol used to deliver streaming audio and video media over the internet, thereby enabling VolP. TRANSPORT LAYER SECURITY (TLS): It is a cryptographic protocol that provides end-to-end security for allI kinds of data sent between users. Any URL link beginning with 'HTTPS' establishes a connection with a browser using TLS. TLS is also used for sending emails, data files, conducting audio or video conferences, and implementing IP telephony. TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL (TCP): •.. Transports data packets in an ordered sequence. TCP is known for its accuracy and ensures data packets are delivered in their original sequence. USER DATAGRAM PROTOCOL (UDP): Transports data without detecting out-of- sequence packets or retransmitting lost packets. The main job of UDP is to deliver packets to their destination in the fastest time. !!

SIP: Terms to Remember

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What is SIP and How Does It Work? All conversations need an introduction and a reliable framework to initiate them. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) does this job in the digital world. It’s a se...


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