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Should You Send That Email? Here’s A Flowchart For Deciding

FIRST, THE STORY OF ATOS, A COMPANY THAT BANNED EMAIL ASK YOURSELF: BEFORE THE BAN: SHOULD I SEND THIS EMAIL? Managers spent up to 20 hours per week reading emails, and of the 200 emails the average employee received per day, there were: 36 SPAM 144 IRRELEVANT USEFUL SINCE THE BAN: The Internet: a vast expanse of distractions, armed to Atos has already reduced its the teeth and laying in wait to ambush unsuspecting email volume by 20%. employees with adorable kittens and kids falling over - many of which make their attack through email. To combat this obscenity, we made a flow chart to help guide you through the daily task of deciding whether or not to hit send. NO Ok. ARE YOU AT WORK? Are you YES NO sending it to somebody you work Is it work related? YES+ with? Shouldn't you be fixing kittens or something? CATS? IS IT ABOUT YES NO Are you a spammer? YES YES NO Are you a vet? ABOUT DOGS? IS IT YES NO (YES NO NO NO ALMOST 10% OF EMPLOYERS HAVE FIRED SOMEONE FOR STOP SPAMMING! NON-WORK-RELATED EMAILS Fighting spam at a 1,000 employee com- Are you sure pany can cost $3 it's work Is it a birth- million per year. related? day email? BECAUSE THE TYPICAL OFFICE WORKER: BUT WHY? YES REASON NO 1 Sends and receives 110 emails per day, Businesses lose $650 billion every resulting in 13 hours of emailing a week. Your boss is not stoked. year due to unnecessary emails Does everyone you're Are you CCing CCing actually need (YES anyone? to read it? NO Is it Friday? YES NO No! For every 100 people needlessly NO (YES CC'd on an email, 8 work hours are lost. Are you going to title Before you click send, think it something generic about instigating a "No-Email- like "READ NOW"? Friday." In 2007, U.S. Cellular experimented with a "No-Email- Friday" policy. Productivity REASON NO 2 and face time soared at the YES NO company. OVERALL, OFFICE DISTRACTIONS (LIKE EMAIL) COST COMPANIES MORE THAN $10,000 PER NO! MOST WORKERS EMPLOYEE YEARLY SPEND UP TO 1 HOUR PER DAY SEARCHING FOR LOST EMAILS. Cool. IT'S HARD TO FIND Have you tried YOUR EMAIL IF IT'S NOT walking over and NO CLEARLY LABELED. talking like real people do? Give that a shot. I DON'T I NEED TO HAVE 3 TIPS FOR EMAIL YEAH... LIKE THEY THIS WRITTEN PEOPLE. SMELL OUT, BECAUSE “NNTR" BAD. OTHERWISE NOBODY WILL Use NNTR, or No Need To Respond, to ACTUALLY DO IT. let people know they don't need reply. "EOM" For one-sentence messages, put the sentence in the subject line and EOM LICK SEND! (End of Message) in the body. OKEY DOKE "3 SENTENCE RULE" Keep your emails to three sentences, and if you need to use more, consider a phone call or some face time instead. Created by: n.htm http://tctechcrunch2011.files. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. EO T.....

Should You Send That Email? Here’s A Flowchart For Deciding

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Should You Send That Email? Here’s A Flowchart For Deciding


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