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Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

by: @MDGadvertising B Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website? A DEVELOPMENT DILEMMA Your company needs to go mobile, but how? With a veritable app gold rush taking place, it's hard not to be tempted to dive right into development. Should you develop a mobile app or devote your resources to optimizing your website to be viewed on mobile? A look at the strengths and weaknesses of each might help you decide. 100% SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES PURE MOBILE WEBSITE PURE MOBILE APP Accessed through browsing Accessed after being installed Static, navigational user interface Interactive user interface Requires connection ll) Available offline Can make use of phone features like location services, camera, etc. Somewhat limited features * Fast <<<<<<- SPEED Very Fast Reasonable <- DEVELOPMENT COST Expensive Not Necessary <« APP STORE Available None <«<<<- APPROVAL PROCESS- Sometimes Mandatory A CLOSER LOOK AT HOW EACH OPTION STACKS UP U.S. Mobile Apps vs. Web Consumption in Minutes Per Day TIME USAGE Mobile apps trump entire web (mobile and desktop) Mobile and Mobile App in terms of how much time users spend with each. E Desktop Web According to comScore and Alexa data compiled by Flurry Analytics, mobile apps are taking up a greater 100 • share of users' time each day compared to mobile 94 Minutes and desktop web usage, which was dominant just two years ago. 81 Minutes 80 • 70 Minutes 74 Minutes 64 Minutes 72 Minutes 66 Minutes 60• 43 Minutes 40 • Jun 2010 Dec 2010 Jun 2011 Dec 2011 USER REACH AND ENGAGEMENT Mobile browsers have far greater reach than native apps, but data shows that native app users are generally more engaged. Mobile analytics company CEM4Mobile sampled 56 million mobile impressions to assess the difference. Mobile Browser vs. App Usage Mobile Browser Mobile App Of a Sample of 56 Million Mobile Impressions 18% 82% 35% 90% 10% 65% This means.. » Though mobile-browsing users outnumber them, app users consume 2.4 times more IMPRESSIONS VISITS UNIQUE VISITORS impressions on average. CONTENT USAGE For many, the choice of whether to pursue a mobile-optimized site or mobile app will come down to content. How are people going to interact with you on mobile devices? A breakdown of which platform mobile users prefer for different tasks can help. User Preference by Task Mobile Browser I Mobile App TASK 73% Shop 27% 63% Search 37% 60% Entertain O 40% 46% Manage 54% 39% Inform 61% 35% Navigate O 65% 31% Connect 69% SO WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU? There's no one answer that works for everyone. If resources allow it, some suggest building both to capitalize on both platforms and audiences. In order to decide which one is right for you, it's important to evaluate your specific goals, consider all of the criteria above and determine which most closely aligns with your intended audience. twitter: @MDGadvertising SOURCES: YAH00, IPSOS, COMSCORE, ALEXA, FLURRY, CEM4MOBILE ANALYTICS, ECONSULTANCY, WORKLIGHT

Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

shared by MDGadvertising on Jun 05
There’s no doubt that mobile has gone mainstream with consumers increasingly on the move and companies seeking more ways to stay in front of their eyes and right at their fingertips. As a result, bu...


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