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Should I Buy an Expensive HDMI Cable?

SHOULD I BUY AN EXPENSIVE HDMI CABLE? START HERE No Are you rich, Heisenberg rich? Yes Is your every earthly want and need met? Rich Rich Rich rich or weird eccentric rich? Are you interrupting a robbery and will use the cable to tie up the perpetrators? Yes No Yes Weird Rich No Is it your life's ambition to spurn the advice of Ben Franklin at Is the main way you heat your home by burning cash? every opportunity? Do you live in a post-apocalyptic world where you will use the cable to snare and trap game? Yes No Yes No Yes Do you have a pile of money large enough to swim in? No Will an overpriced HDMI cable fill the void in your soul? Will anyone in your life be impressed by your sweet cablez? Yes No Yes No Yes Do you have a butler named Alfred or Jeeves? Do you love the tactile experience of opening plastic blister packages? Yes Yes, and bring it up in every conversation you ever have with them. No Yes Do any of the following exist in the world? Yes Famine Disease Pestilence War Gross. Who Way to go Rick Grimes. You deserve it! Now go find Carl. likes that? No cables for you. No Yes, and call Anderson Cooper cause you're a hero. Never. YOLO. Show Me 10,000+ products ready to ship today. Including affordable HDMI cables. CA BLES

Should I Buy an Expensive HDMI Cable?

shared by markroskowske on Feb 17
We analyze the morality of purchasing an expensive HDMI cable. If you are about to make a home theater purchase, it is best if you take a minute to contemplate the philosophic, spiritual, ethical and...



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