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Shipwire Economic Impact

The Economic Impact of Shipwire With dreams motivated by watching container ships unloading in Port of Long Beach, CA, Shipwire was created to help eliminate the hassles of storage and shipping so entrepreneurs could sell globally on demand. Shipwire went live in November, 2006. Since then, we've shipped millions of products around the world and powered the dreams of thousands of entrepreneurs. To do this we created the world's leading multi-channel fulfillment platform and built a passionate global team in Silicon Valley to provide Enterprise logistics for everyone". With global reach WAREHOUSE LOCATIONS Shipped to Shipped to 178 91% countries of all the countries in the world Shipped to 54 cities that James Bond has visited! Including Bregenz, Cortina d'Amprezzo, and Monte Carlo! TOP 10 COUNTRIES SHIPPED TO 1 2 3 5 7 8 9. 10 US UK Canada France Spain Australia Germany Italy Belgium Switzerland SHIPPING IN THE US 98% of the US population covered in 1-2 days at Ground rates 1.67 days 1 2 days or less San Francisco, CA 94117 3 days or more 1.4 days New York, NY 10119 1.18 days Los Angeles, CA 90036 We shipped lots of product NUMBER OF UNIQUE PRODUCTS SHIPPED 41,021 29,771 15,736 8,301 11,486 3,792 468 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 AVERAGE $ VALUE OF A TON OF SHIPWIRE CUSTOMER GOODS Total average: $46,257.92 $61.6K $45.7K $41.5K $28K $27.7K $30.6K $13.3K 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Average annual increase in value of Shipwire goods 33% On any given day, 1000+ UPS trucks are out delivering Shipwire goods TONNAGE OF INVENTORY SHIPPED Total: 8,156.15 tons That's equivalent to shipping 1,165 Eiffel Towers! A long distance Total distance traveled by orders: 7,416,544,057km That's enough to go around the sun 1,698 times! The total warehouse capacity of Shipwire is 56,500,000 ft³ Shipwire You would need 642 Olympic swimming pools to fill all of Shipwire's warehouses with water (1 olympic swimming pool size is 88,000 ft') For all sorts of customers 7% 1% 4% 27% 3% Apparel, Shoes, & Jewelry Auto Parts & Books, Movies Computers & Electronics Food & Accessories & Music Beverage 3% 20% 9% 16% 9% Furniture & Health & Home & Other Toys, Sports & Hobbies Appliances Personal Care Garden 103,000 Smallest product shipped: 0.5" x 0.5" x o.1" entrepreneurs counseled 1,800,000,000 (Temporary tattoo) estimated number of shipping quotes considered, with the least-cost option used to ship a product 22,800,000 lines of text in emails Largest product shipped: 72" x 56.5" x 86.0" (Water heater) Using a smart platform 50,000 incorrect destination addresses corrected and holds released The Shipwire platform consists of 4 main APIS, which have responded to over Which enable 70 ready-made connections and 100,000,000 API calls 350+ unique integrations 200,000 hours *Estimated number of integration hours saved 1.5 days Fastest time taken from account setup to inventory received at warehouse, ready to ship MOST COMMON WORD USED IN GIFT MESSAGES wishes hope birthday get like relationships miss E please O apply winning product * ring fulfillment enjoy. besthappy christmas merry always know lots approval beautiful without make reported must much year shipping thank great standard fun partners wonderful thinking With a passionate team 357,080 914,000 emails exchanged number of cases resolved All-time favorite quote from a customer: "Instead of spending the day packing wallets we are eating pancakes." @SuprGoodCo An average Tuesday in the Care sector is as noisy as lawn mower. 78dB 40 78 dB AROUND THE OFFICE 33% green commuters 52.71 tons ofCO2 Approximate carbon footprint saved 24 languages spoken at Shipwire 5376 pizza slices consumed per year ... MOST IN-DEMAND SUPPLIES Sriracha “5 minutes Bananas in weekly hot sauce Coffee Spoons of your time" fruit baskets At internet speed Shipwire founded 2006 2007 Chicago launched Series A round raised Entry into Canada 2008 Toronto launched Vancouver launched LA launched 2009 Entry into UK London launched 100% Same Day Guarantee 2010 100% Accuracy Guarantee Automatic Case Breaks 2011 Funding by eBay and Newell Rubbermaid Multi-user access Realtime inventory alerts Launch of 'Enterprise logistics for everyonee 2012 Order splitting capabilities Bulk order optimization Hong Kong launched Serial number scanning 2013 Realtime rates for split orders Product bundles Product aliases Product catalog APIS Guided merchant on-boarding Fully customizable packing lists Shipwire joins Ingram Micro We were able to do all this with 7 warehouses. Since joining Ingram Micro, our network has grown. Actual locations of Ingram Micro facilities vary Shipwire Sources and the story behind this infographic: Enterprise logistics for everyone 2007 2013

Shipwire Economic Impact

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When we announced that Shipwire was joining the Ingram Micro team, we thought about how to best convey how we felt about this exciting new chapter. While the news got picked up far and wide, what we ...




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