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SharePoint 2013 Search - 5 Tips for User Experience

5 TIPS FOR USER EXPERIENCE IN SHAREPOINT 2013 SEARCH RESULTS (MINIMAL EFFORT NECESSARY) Whether you are a large organization or small, what is the number one complaint you always get from people? SEARCH! The purpose of this infographic is to share with you 5 tips you could implement to help improve even some of the worst search implementations. Virgil Carroll High Monkey ORDER BY DESCENDING DATE 1 TO RETURN FRESHER RESULTS Having outdated information come up in search is something we all face. Take a giant step in the right direction by re-ordering the returned search results to show the latest information. USE THESAURUS TO 2 RELATE SIMILAR TERMS Using the Thesaurus capability in SharePoint 2013 you can help people learn from their spelling mistakes. In a thesaurus you are able to relate similar terms together, so when searched, the system can show you a broader set of related results. REMOVE LISTS, LIBRARIES 3 AND SITES The problem is as part of a people-centered implementation I've found there is little reason someone searching is looking for a site versus a specific piece of content. SharePoint 2013 Search gives you the ability to create narrowly focused results sets that include relevant content and excludes the noise that is not. DECIDE WHAT IS MORE 4 IMPORTANT, FINDING DOCUMENTS OR CONTENT With a simple search, documents having many instances of a word or phrase will surface to the top, pages that don't will flow to the bottom. To overcome this you can use KQL (Keyword Query Language)-based query to 'weight different types of content as more important than others when search results are returned. USE A RESULT SET TO NARROW 5 DOWN THE RESULTS YOU WANT RESULTS Probably the most powerful part of the SharePoint 2013 search is the ability to create complex results sets to return data in a more meaningful way, often pruned of unnecessary information. Some of my favourite uses of a result set is to: re-order search results to reflect fresher content, emphasize related words and content, easily remove structural components and prioritize content. Infographic crafted by CEuropean SharePoint Conference

SharePoint 2013 Search - 5 Tips for User Experience

shared by deccyc on Aug 13
Without doubt one of the most common complaints about SharePoint is Search. Thankfully SharePoint expert, Virgil Carroll came to the rescue with 5 SharePoint 2013 tips to improve user experience. This...


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