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Server Failure: Your Most Expensive Accident

SERVER FAILURE Your most expensive accident. THE COSTS OF UNRESPONSIVE EQUIPMENT $89-$113 Ignition coll replacement on a 1995 $210-$247 Failure-to-start diagnosis for a 2006 Honda Civic. Ford Windstar. After-hours emergency repair costs $I12.50/hr. +S1.50 for a tractor trailer. per mile Complete 504BDT turbo engine for a Case bulldozer. $7,250 Cost of server/IT downtime (average $300,000/hr. rate of $5,000/minute). DOWNTIME COSTS BILLIONS Percentage of enterprises in North America without a formal and com- S26.5 BILLION prehensive disaster recovery policy. Each year, more than 56% 30% in lost revenue can be attributed to IT downtime, according to a 200 com- without a formal and comprehensive pany survey by CA Technologies. Percentage of enterprises in Europe disaster recovery policy. IT DOWNTIME CAN DAMAGE A COMPANY'S REPUTATION, EMPLOYEE MORALE AND CONSUMER LOYALTY. WHY FAILURES HAPPEN Downtime can be caused by: HARDWARE FAILURE SOFTWARE FAILURE INTERCONNECTING EQUIPMENT EXCEEDING CAPACITY WIRELESS TRANSMISSION Outages caused by system failures can be particularly painful to industries that rely on 24-hour service. FAILURES CAN BE THE ATTRIBUTED TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CAUSES: + MEDICAL INFORMATICS O NUCLEAR POWER/INFRASTRUCTURE S BANKS/FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS O Customer/service provider e Vendor/supplier O Utility O Government O Contractor O Individual O Act of nature O Unknown AIRLINES O NEWS MEDIA E-COMMERCE & ONLINE TRANSACTION PROCESSING A ONLINE GAMES FACTORS IN CALCULATING THE COST OF DOWNTIME TANGIBLE INTANGIBLEI • Number of people affected. • Avg. percentage they are affected. • Avg. employee cost per hour • Hours of outage • Late delivery surcharges. • Payment of overtime to make up for lost productivity. • Penalty for missing financial filing dates. • Potential loss of customer goodwill. • Explanation & apology for outage. BACKUP WHAT IS IT? Copying and archiving computer data so it can be used to restore originals following loss of data. O Allows user to recover data if it is lost due to deletion or corruption. O Allows user to recover data from an earlier time. DATA REPOSITORY MODELS STORAGE MEDIA Regardless of the repository model, data must be stored on some data storage medium. UNSTRUCTURED e.g. A stack of CD-R or DVD-R media with minimal backup information. MAGNETIC TAPE Has long been the common medium for bulk data storage and backup. FULL ONLY/SYSTEM IMAGING Contains complete system images from specific moments in time. HARD DISK Spinning magnetic device used in many computers and external drives. INCREMENTAL Organizes data into small changes between points in time. OPTICAL STORAGE Writable CDs, DVDS & Blu-Ray discs. DIFFERENTIAL FLOPPY DISKS Saves data since the last full backup. Used for backing up in the 1980s and 1990s; now obsolete. REVERSE DELTA SOLID STATE STORAGE Stores a recent 'mirror' of the source data and a series of differences be- Flash memory, thumb drives & USB flash drives. tween the mirror and previous states. REMOTE BACKUP SERVICE Backs up over the Internet to a re- mote location; can protect companies against worst-case scenarios. CONTINUOUS DATA PROTECTION System immediately logs every change on the host system. BUSINESS CONTINUITY & DISASTER RECOVERY Refers to an organization's ability to recover from an unexpected event and resume operations. RECOVERY TIME OBJECTIVE DATA BACKUP The time it takes for a system to be completely up and running. Central to any disaster recovery plan, this determines: O If backup processes are effective. O If they are actually being imple- mented by the involved personnel. RECOVERY POINT OBJECTIVE Measures the ability to recover files by specifying a 'point-in-time' restore of the backup copy. BUSINESS CONTINUITY & DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNING: THE BASICS GETTING STARTED O Create a business impact analysis that defines your company's most crucial processes and systems and the effect that an outage would have on your business. e Test your continuity plan regularly to reveal weaknesses and make changes as necessary. O Evaluate your company's performance during each test, working toward continual improvement. SOURCES THE COSTS OF UNRESPONSIVE EQUIPMENT DOWNTIME COSTS BILLIONS WHY FAILURES HAPPEN FACTORS IN CALCULATING THE COST OF DOWNTIME DATA DEPOSITORY MODELS & STORAGE MEDIA DISASTER RECOVERY & BUSINESS CONTINUITY DISASTER RECOVERY & BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING: THE BASICS www/

Server Failure: Your Most Expensive Accident

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A server failure can potentially cost your business millions of dollars. From the time, effort and expertise required to diagnose the source of the crash, to the time it takes to get the system up and...


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