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The Secrets Behind Intelligence Gathering

THE SECRETS BEHIND INTELLIGENCE GATHERING Do you trust the government to keep you safe? With the recent NSA files leaked, one way Americans are kept "safe" is by collecting data, (emails, social media profiles, and even phone calls) about each American. We are now faced with the decision of liberty or security, and raises the basic question of our privacy rights. Naturally, this does not have to be mutually exclusive. Learn how the government helps keep Americans protected daily. Decide for yourself which is more important to you: liberty or security? INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION DISCIPLINES Various operations on gathering information: DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CLANDESTINE CIA IMINT Imagery Intelligence HUMINT Human Intelligence • IMINT, also known as PHOTINT (photography intelligence) has been used as early as the Civil War era RAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGA TELLIGE Handled by the Handled by the FBI within the • The National Reconnaissance Agency operates imagery CIA and other US agencies outside the US Collection of satellites information from • The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency analyses the images collected human sources (openly or covertly) SIGINT Signals Intelligence • The FBI uses a multitude of ways to MASINT collect electronic Measurement and transmissions Signatures Intelligence • Collection of information regarding • This information is only allowed to be collected by ships, planes,ground sites, or satellites weapons capabilities and industrial activities • Includes advanced processing of IMINT and SIGINT data • The FBI uses wiretaps and other electronic intercepts • Telemetry intelligence • The NSA intercepts 1.7 billion emails, and electronic phone calls, and text everyday intelligence may be used to study weapons and tracking systems • Helps to identify chemical weapons which is increasingly important because of weapons of • One NSA data center located in Utah is 5.7 times the size of the US capital mass destruction OSINT Open Source Intelligence Collection of Not the Includes social media, newspapers, info from publicly available sources responsibility of any single television, and any public information that either you, your job or anyone else puts out there agency WIRETAP STATISTICS In 2011, Federal and state judges authorized 2010_3,194 2009_2,376 2008_1,891 2007_2.208 2,732 criminal wiretaps In twenty years, there have been only five occasions where the number of wiretaps decreased year-on-year On average in 2007, an installed wiretap could intercept: Over 3,000 Communications by 94 different people communications The majority of wiretaps • Target mobile phones • Are related to drug investigations Corruption Conspiracy a2 Gambling 26 SS Other Homicide & Authorized intercepts Assault 30 132 by jurisdiction (2007) Racketeering Kidnapping 98 Larceny, Narcotics Theft & 1,792 Robbery 36 In 2007, 95% of wiretaps collected phone data rather than electronic data Wiretaps cost hundreds of dollars per target every month PEN REGISTERS AND TRAP AND TRACE ORDERS Covert internet and telephone surveillance carried out by the Justice Department Collect outbound and inbound telephone and internet data (eg. numbers dialled and email recipients) Pen registers more than doubled between 2004 and 2009 10,885 23,895 In 2011, there were approximately 20,000 pen registers/trap-and-trace orders For internet Eraffic There were approximately 800 of each type for telephones ONLINE DATA The US government requested data From Google 6,321 Limes in the second half of 2011 There were 5.950 requests in the previous six months Google may provide email communication, documents, browsing activity and user IP addresses These Figures 12,243 11,DS7 exclude requests made under the were targeted in the previous six Google accounts were targeted in the second half of 2011 Patriot Act months India was 2nd with The US made the largest number of data requests out of 28 countries 2,207 requests in the second half of listed 2011 The FISA Amendments Act Allows the government to access citizens' phone calls and emails without a probable-cause warrant when one party is outside the US In 2012, the House Judiciary Committee voted to re-authorize the Act until December 31, 2017 FBI WATCH LIST DEPARTME I3D JUSTICE OF Where "reasonable suspicion, exists, that person may be added to the FBI watch ENT list INVESTIC OF Subjects are not necessarily removed From Ehe watch list if Found not guilty of terrorist actiuities The FBI can utilize intelligence gathering on In 2011, there were 16,000 anyone that is Suspicious of being in- 420,000 people are banned From Flying, including volved in terrorist names on Ehe FBI watch list, including activities-uhether or not they hae a "reasonable suspicion. to put the indiuidual on their list. B.DDD Americans 8,DDD Americans Sources NAI NORTH AMERICAN INVESTIGATIONS att-verizon- and-sprintcharge-for-cellphone-wiretaps/ government-to-reveal-skyrocketingsurveillance-stats/ crimes-can-stay-on-fbis-terroristwatch-list.html?_r=0 KONI OPS CENTRAL NOLLVOLIS JUSTI EPARIN HOLLVDUSANE REDERAL BURE

The Secrets Behind Intelligence Gathering

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The NSA and PRISM leaks by Edward Snowden made the entire world question the impact of the digital age on our private lives. From wiretaps to data mining Google and other social media accounts, agenci...


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