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Seasonal MBA Recruiting Calendar

SEASONAL MBA RECRUITING CALENDAR G Summer Fall Winter Spring Prepare for u pcoming academic year; Confirm OCR dates & events Connect with new and returning students; Approve full-time job postings Setup coaching appointmen ts; Review MBA2 Prepare for MBA2 OCR; Host MBA1 workshops Gather previous year employment reporting data; Review MBA1 resumes Advising and coaching on MBA2 offer negotiations: MBA1 mock Prepare for MBA1 OCR: Approve internship postings Advising and coaching on MBA1 internship offers Update recruiting guides; Gather feedback; Review OCR request for Gather employment offers; Attend industry Host employers for MBA2 OCR Host employers for MBA1 ОCR resumes events interviews next season Dedicated Account Manager, Easy implementaton process messages Cass year Online knowledgeBase; On-demand training videos Self serve emplayer interface; One-dick inter view packet Sef-serve emplayer OCR request interface; Just-in time Year-aver-year tradking hiring tods for empoyers Document librar y Coach & Advisor Profies Calendar syng Resume & Cover letter review manager, Coaching madule; Advising Privatepublic notes on Candidate activity trading One-didk run schedule tool; One-dick emplayment Offer comparison utility, Salary comparison reparts Flexible mack interview types job distribution netwark Customizable dashboard Connections Conference Company/recruiter CRM reporting tod; Collaborative functionality, One dick career service notes on MBA1 interview packet tod; Automated attendance trading with card-swipe Job Board madule; MultiPost tool; Automated a d attendance GTS User Conference tracking with card-swipe promotion tool; New dass import toals, Batch email student communication tools candidate records Metrics reporting available on all madules Car eer service feedback surveys madule; Workeshop madule records technology techndogy Establish initial career path; Sign up for career services Arrive on campus; Meet with career Attend cover letter & resume writing workshop Review internship Attend coaching appointments Attend company presentations Manage interview schedules Submit internship offers Attend mock Prepare for 1st-year recruiting season Interview with employers Leave for summer interviews offer internships services Company research tools Communicaton preferences Car eer service calendar Online signups for coaching appointments and workshaps Quick company & recruiter nterview invitation request toals Calendar sync Mabile inter view schedule management One dick jab seeing status updates Offer comparison tool Offer comparison reparts 1,2 3 registration pracess, Professional summary w zard; nstant Resume-to-PDF; Candidate mabile ago ntenship jab sear ch agents Streamlined workshop Streamlined modk interview sign-up pracess Online resume manager sign-up pracess laakup Submit full-time Evaluate and adjust career path during summer internship Prepare for 2nd year recruiting season Return to campus; Visit career service office Attend diversity events; Manage interview schedule Review and negotiate full-time offers If still seeking. Update job-seeking schedule advising appointments with career services offers; if still seeking, attend advising appointmen ts Attend company presentations Interview with employers Accept full-time offers Graduation; Start new job status Smplesign on for returning students, New profie questions for MBA2S Online resume manager Full timejob search agent Communicaton preferences Car eer services dashboard announcements Review upcoming company Company research toals Offer comparison tool One-dick status updates Online advising appaintment One-dick jab-seeking status requests Confidentality feature for passive seddng aumni; Alumni jab baard Interview invitation request Salary comparison reports presentations, manage own taoals Calendar sync career ser vice schedule Quick company & recruiter loglup updates MBA2 interviews; review MBA1 Review MBA2 applicants; host Review MBA2 Host MBA2 Prepare OCR travel calendar Submit OCR requests for next season Attend industry Review MBA1 applicants Make MBA1 offers; Just-in-time MBA2 recruiting Make offers to MBA1 interviews; Post internships Post full-time jobs resumes; Invite MBA2S to OCR presentations on campus resumes; Attend diversity events MBA1 MBA2S events presentations on campus Online jab postings, MultiPost Advanced search to find matching MBA25 Direct-to-schedule interview confrmation, with roam availability prompts OCR mobile app; Batch email Mabile interview schedules employment branding toals Mabile resume scan for diversity events, Advanced sear ch to find matching Batch emal eployment branding toals OCR mobile app; MBA2 candidate notes MBA1 candidates notes Online recruitment tools; Resume bookreease date natfications OCR integration jabMatch calendar 1-to-1 email toals to send full-time offers Online OCR requests Mobile interview schedules Online jab pastings MultiPost Calaboration toals for to multiple schods at once: Connections Conference; ndustry-spedfic Facus Forums 1-to-1 email tods to send to multiple schaals at ance internship offer s recrutment team Callaboraton tools for recruitment team JobMatch M BA1S MBАFОCUS About MBA Focus: We're the market leader in MBA recruiting – connecting leading employers with the world's to p-ranked graduate business schools. Our exclusive school partnerships and industry- leading recruitment management technology products make us the #1 choice of companies seeking top MBA talent. |O | [email protected] Why MBA Focus Employers Why MBA Focus MBA2S Why MBA Focus Career Services MBA1S Why MBA Focus

Seasonal MBA Recruiting Calendar

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MBA Focus connects leading employers with the world's top-ranked graduate business schools all year-round. Built around the reoccurring activities of candidates, career services, and corporate recruit...


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