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SciFi Vision: What Does The Future Hold?

2 VISION REALITY TURNING SCI-FI INTOR PRESERT &FUTURE LETS TAAVEL BACH IN TIME AND TAHE A LOOH AT HOW EARLY SCI-FI PIONEERS IMRGINED UE MIGHT PERCEIVE SIGHT IN THE FUTURE EARLY SCI-FI EHKPERIENCES 1787 1838 PANORAMIC PAINTINGS STEREOSCOPIC PHOTOS Made viewers feel present Gave viewers a sense of depth and immersion in the scene depicted • Imvented by Charles Wheatstone 1939 1950s THE VIEW-MASTER STEREOSCOPE SENSORAMA • Was used for vvtal tounism" • Was an arcade-style theater cabinet that stimulated all senses Invented by Edwin Mayer, Harold Graves & Wllam Gruber • Invented by Morton HellE 1960 TELESPHERE MASK The first head-mounted display (HMDI • Produced for non-interactive fim media • Did not have motion tracking Provided stereoscopic 30 and wide vision * Included stereo sound Invented by Morton Heilig SCIENCE FICTION URITERS SOON STARTED SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH BIONIC EYES AND VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES - AND NOU, OCULAR TECHNDLOGY IS FINALLY CATCHING UP TO THEIR IMAGINATIONS SCI-FI FILM INSPIRATION BEHIND TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY Short story by Adapted into The Ray Bradbury Ilustrated Man fim 1969 THE VELDT Piot involves a family The nursery is a virtual that lives in an neality room able to automated home called reproduce whatever setting The Happylife Home the children imagine Geordi La Forge but able to see was blind with his VISOR atrument nd Sensonyorgan lee 1987 STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Today Could detect WONC VISION M- VITAL SIGNS technology has been developed by Second M ENERGY LEVELS Sight into egus E X LIES Was the first FDA-approved visual prosthesis to become available for commercial implant. How it works: Small video camera is attached to a pair of sunglasses The data is sent to an electrode-covered microchip implanted at the back of the ee The device produces a 60-piel, bw image Unfortunately, achieving images in color is impossible. It would require wiring each electrode to ene of the eye's matching color-perceiving cones Used VR as a therapy VR gradually increased the patient's teol for a mentally disabled patient . Inteligence • Contral over al connected devices 1992 THE LAWNMOWER MAN Today Recent study from UCL and ICREA-University VR could make of Barcelona monitored us better informed 15 depression patients During the VR esperience, patients - Were embodied in an adult avatar • Practiced compassion by consoling a distressed virtual child • Were then emboded as the divtressed child • Received compassion from an adult avatar Results showed VR therapy could: CLOUDS OVER SIDRA VR fim supported by UN as a call for partnerships to buld resilience in wulnerable communities Stary of 12-year-old girl ving Help with Increase Reduce depression compassion self-criticism in Za'atari Refugee Camp in jordan Cyclops uses Without the visor his visor to control his eves would release his optic beams a destructive optic blast 2000 X-MEN This could become a new tool for diagnosis and treatment Today Optic Vision Technology of diseases such as (O-. Macular deganeration • Retinitis pigmentosa Sharpens images Used by First used Has been Lised by optometrists by changing the by computers proposed by to "un-distort astronomers shape of telescope to study to analyae the the Air Force as ight and study mirrors up to 1.000 light coming away to shoet black holes the cells at the times per second eom a star down missiles back of the ye 2011 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL Used holographic contact lenses to Identify and capture a bagman • Take photos of Today nuclear coes NAVION SYSTEM SAMSUNG HAS PATENTED A SMART CONTACT LENS FROM WAYRAaY • Could navigate a vehicle using a holegraphic display on windshield • Projects images directly inte user's eyes . Bult-in camera and sensors are - The first True Augmented Reality controlled by biinking car navigation system • Applies aeronautkal principles • Embedded antennas transfer content to an evtemal device for processing 2016 ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY PRODUCTION Alowed director Used VR and Gareth Edwards to augmented reality explore a set before (AR) technologies it would be built 2018 READY PLAYER ONE In the dystopian While augmented future people use reality is being augmented reality developed at a very to escape the daily fast pace. the practical realities of their daily application dreary lives remains to be seen SOME OF THE UORLDS LARGEST COMPANIES ARE CREATING HERDSETS CAPABLE OF TRANSPORTING DUR MINDS INTO FANTASY LANDS. COULD THE FUTURE OF SCI-FI BE STARING STRAIGHT AT US? SCI-FI TECH IN YOUR HANDS IN 2016 THE TOP& MANERS OF VR HEADSETS SAMSUNG hTC SONY oculus 12.1 MILLION SOLD A TOTAL UNITS OF Facebook declared it will make the camera the first augmented reality platform facebek • Camera wil use object recegnition to suggest effects • Wil include more than art frames and filters- 30 test and images wil make AR mainstream GOOGLE'S PLANS: Turning compatible phones into face-mounted VR viewers. Adding features ike • Sharing VR footage with friends • Connecting with others in apps ke YouTube • Checking in on Android nenifications without having to take the phone out of the headset AR camera technology that wil • Conduct 30 scans of entire rooms • Function as an indeor mapping tool • Help measure spaces • Places virtual items into them, Such as furniture OUR WORLDS IN THE FUTURE, THANKS TO SCI-FI TECH, COULD INVOLVE REC NEVER BREAHING THE BARRIER BETWEEN FORGETTING VR AND THE PHYSICAL WORLD Contact lenses that record esperiences Impacting all of our senses touch, and process our memories sight, and smell ARE YOU READY? SOURCES S tyh mhten o tottay E FRAMESDIRECTCOM Premi R .m... Dredeom ty ewe20 ma wou at w/ con/-bradryhot- phanmayte-wi wefoumongpnda tycan-naeo-bet-omatater NNIWSOURCING te om IS 0 hepest-es. t dep.

SciFi Vision: What Does The Future Hold?

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Science fiction movies like Ready Player One and Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol have different predictions about the future of vision. What do you think the future has in store?


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