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The Science of Ink

THE SCIENCE OF INK We may take ink for granted, but it's necessary in our daily lives. As the art of handwriting has phased out of the lives of some, the printer has replaced it. Learn about the development of ink through the ages, down to the ingredients used, the way some are made, and just how prevalent the ink industry is. INK STATISTICS Over 90% of all inks are for printing rather than writing Over300 million ink cartridges are thrown away annually =1000 SUVS The weight of these cartridges is approximately equal to the weight of 67,600 SUVS NEWS The Newspaper Association of America tested about 2,000 vegetable-based inks when looking for a petroleum alternative soy was the winner. By 2004, 95% of newspapers were using soy ink. A single ballpen could draw a line 4,000-7,500 feet long About 15% of Americans have at least one tattoo $8,800,000,000 The pen, pencil and marker trade is a $8.8 billion industry Common INK Ingredients Black ink is Sepia: Originally made of squid more than just black-it's a rainbow! Red writing ink: Often made of eosin, a red dye Draw a line in black marker (non-permanent) on a white coffee filter. Place it in the bottom Blue writing ink: often made of substituted triphenylmethane dyes of a mug and add just enough water to cover the'll see a rainbow crawl up the filter! SOURCES a coms/chensistry/Ink http://www..chemistrydaly com/chemistry/Ink htp:// hetp:// explorer/black magie.html hetp:// herp:// hepe//miamiinkrattos. heml hIp// hip://, heip:// hip:// QUIKSHIP Hanerji, Sures Chandra (1989). A Companion to Sanskrit Linerature. Morilal Banarsidas. ISEN 812006X. CE Bosworth. A Mediaeval Islamic Prototype of the Fountain Pen Journal of Semitic Seudies, 22) 229-234, 1981 M National Cheng-Hea Hall of Social Education A booke of secrets: shewing diuers waies to make and prepare all seris of inhe. tr. out of Dutch into Englishe by W.P li.e. William Philip], London, 1596. "Ink Reservoir Writing Instruments 1905-20" Transactions of the Neweomen Society 77(1)k pp. 69-100, page 80 hetp://

The Science of Ink

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Toner and ink in it’s many forms, are used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Many of these people don’t even realize how important ink is. Pens, markers, and printers are ju...




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