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Say Hello to The Global Web

smartling HI! SAY HELLO to the GLOBAL WEB I WHO IS THE GLOBAL WEB? I PEOPLE ONLINE I LANGUAGES ONLINE I EMERGING, EVOLVING WAVE GOODBYE TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB People across the globe are coming online faster than ever before - and bringing their languages with them. Below are industry stats related to the emerging global internet. Who is the Global Web? 3.3 % OF GLOBAL INTERNET USERS MIDDLE EAST 13 45 ASIA NORTH AMERICA 6 23 10% SOUTH AMERICA AFRICA EUROPE 474 internet users are added every minute People Online 1982 1992 | 2002 2012 | 2022 2032 I1 THEN: NEXT:? 30 years for 2B people to come online NOW: 4 years tó add 1B Global e-commerce will grow 19.4% annually, reaching nearly $IT in 2013 Languages Online In 2000, English was the dominant language online by a 26% margin. That percentage dropped to 3% in 2011. AR KO 2% RU 3% 4% 3% FR DE 4% PT 3% NL 2% ES 5% IT ко FR 4% DE 6% IT 2% KO 2% DE 8% PT 2% JA 8% REST OF THE LANGUAGES 18% ES 7% ES 7 REST OF THE LANGUAGES 20% JA 13% REST OF THE JA 8% 2000 39% . 2005 2011 ZH 9% ENGLISH ZH 13% Yet, 56% of online content is English-only. 32% ENGLISH ZH 24% 27H ENGLISH China added more internet users in 3 years than exist in the U.S. China, India, Nigeria, Russia, Iran added the most users from 2007-2010 Emerging, Evolving ROLL OVER TO VIEW IN YOUR LANGUAGE SOUTH AMERICA O varejo on-line no Brasil cresce para $22B (em comparação com $9,8B em 2006) mm2011 m2012 2013 2014 m2015 2016 2017 Entre todas as regiões, a América Latina é a que regista o maior crescimento (156%) no comércio eletrônico O acesso à internet pela rede celular na América Latina cresce 50% por ano, chegando a 310M MIDDLE EAST زاد عد د مستخدمي الانترنت في ایران 31% في 3 سنوات 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 عد د مستخدمي الانترنت بال لغة العربية زاد بنسبة 0 %250 ليصل الى 65 مليون مستخدم ula 2.1 ujii uas gigul ,LYI دولار في قطاع التجزنة الالكتروني AFRICA Le Nigeria est le pays le plus connecté d'Afrique (44 millions d'internautes) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Les recettes des ventes en ligne en Afrique du Sud représentent 2 milliards de dollars (soit une hausse Les appareils mobiles représentent 1/5 du trafic internet en Afrique (plus élevé que la moyenne mondiale qui est de 3 %) 30 % par rapport à 2009) ASIA 亚洲 占据 全球 数据 流量 的 40 % 中国 互联网 户 用 数量 将 翻倍 达到 8 亿 人 2011 m 2012u 2013m 2014 2015 2016 2017 中国 在线 市场 份额 超过 美国 for full translations, visit THE WORLD'S PEOPLES ARE COMING ONLINE HOW WILL YOU REACH THEM? 1 Internet World Stats 2 Euromonitor International Forrester Research World Wide Wonx 8 KCBP 9 Goldman Sachs GSMA 10 Cisco Boston Consulting Group 6 Informa Telecoms & Media 11 W3Techs Smartling's platform simplifies translation management of digital content.

Say Hello to The Global Web

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You’ll learn which markets are most powerful when it comes Internet users. We’ll also take a look into the future, making projections about who’s going to rule the world wide web in the years to come




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