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Save Time and Energy with These Productivity-Boosting Chrome Extensions

SAVE TIME AND ENERGY With These Productivity-Boosting Chrome Extensions Chrome extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of your Chrome browser. You can add extensions to your browser by heading to the Chrome Web Store. Find the Click "Add Follow the extension you to Chrome." installation want to install. instructions. WHAT IT DOES: POCKET Allows you to save articles, videos, and more to view later ONE-CLICK SAVING 2 Follow Matt Grinberg @MattGrinberg Open Link in New tab I just donated to @Cycle4Survival a cycling event that raises m research. Dona #rozellestring Open Link in New Window cancer Open Link in Incognito Window dress 6 Reply t3 Retwe Pocket |Save to 12:15 AM-1 Feb 2014 WHAT IT DOES: - ADBLOCK Blocks banner advertisements WHAT IT DOES: D DAYBOARD • Replaces the “New Tab" page with a daily to-do list of just five items a day • Provides a history of completed tasks MY TASKS FOCUS MODE HISTORY SETTINGS LOG IN Today What are your five most important items to do today? Skype eall w/ Paul at 11 to review billing UF Added 2 days ago. Lunch w/ Jessica at noon Write blog post en last week's split testing restulte Added 4 days ago. Send new hires feedback to Matt Addod 3 days ago. Review current marketing site copy and send feedback to Lucas Added 2 days ago. WHAT IT DOES: • Provides a single tab, that lists all of your currently open pages, to reduce clutter ONETAB • Saves memory since the tabs are reduced • When you need access to one tab, you can restore them individually or simultaneously Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome Before: 1981 MB used OneTab 21 tabs After: only 99 MB used WHAT IT DOES: Turns the "New Tab" into a pretty dashboard that displays where you spend your time, a to-do list, reminders, countdowns, bookmarks, and more BE LIMITLESS You have spent 24min 19s on Search today. Maturity begins when you can be right without having to prove the other person wrong. FA RE YO MA CH DO MA 50min 366 47min 17s 26min 4s 24min 50s 21min 418 17min 5s 14min 44s 24min 50s Notepad WHAT IT DOES: • Allows you to schedule tweets, retweets, and Facebook posts BUFFER • Provides insight on which posts get the most traction buffer What do you want to share? Help My Account Analytics ali Schedule Accounts Buffer Twitter Thursday 22nd November Facobook Linkedin Twitter Twittor 12 Comments 14 Likes Monday 19th November WHAT IT DOES: LASTPASS Saves and manages passwords across multiple devices + Colapse LastPass •. Q search my vault Sites Sites Q HE Sort by: Folder (a-z) E Secure Noles Favorites (3] E Fom Files Fıdelity Q- 0Trello g Sharing Center O Security Chellenge Business & Productivity (7 v Dropbox Google MailChimp О моо O Emorgoncy Accoss Pinterest opocket 3 Account Settings . More Options All your passwords, in a secure vault. WHAT IT DOES: SORTD • Plans and prioritizes emails and tasks in a single Gmail workspace • Group, snooze, highlight, or add notes to emails M Sorted for Gmail Inbox v To Do O Follow up O Deals O WHAT IT DOES: Limits the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites by setting time limits and blocking specific pages STAYFOCUSD StayFocusd options Have you found StayFocusd useful? Please make a donation! Max Time Allowed The Nuclear Option Active Days Active Hours Daily Reset Time Which sites do you want block? Blocked Sites • ALL websites Allowed Sites • ALL websites EXCEPT these on my Allowed Sites list The Nuclear Options Require Challenge • ONLY websites on my Blocked Sites list Customs INterface What do you want to block? Import/Expert Settings • ALL websites • ALL websites EXCEPT these on my Allowed Sites list For how long? hours(s) Starting when? • Right now • When my Max Time Allowed has been exceeded • At a specific time WHAT IT DOES: AWESOME SCREENSHOT • Takes screenshots of all or part of any web page • Allows you to add annotations and comments, blur sensitive info, and share with others Re-edit this screenshot Save Online O Save on Awesome Screenshot More options... Save Local Choose how to save your image, either online or locally after your annotation WHAT IT DOES: SIMPLEEXTMANAGER • Enables and disables extensions, apps, and themes • Reduces visual clutter on the toolbar V Google MM Gmail ML Google Drive Back Forward MD Youtube Reload V Simple Save as... i SimpleClear Print... Translate to English H SimpleExtManager View page source • SimpleTabOrder View page info n SimpleUndoClose i SimpleClear H SimpleExtManager► Google Inspect Element V Simple Extensions Groups Experiment with these time-saving Chrome extensions to stay organized and productive. 12 i 12 10 • • • • • A small part of your job is 100% of ours.

Save Time and Energy with These Productivity-Boosting Chrome Extensions

shared by Ghergich on Oct 14
Chrome Extensions can help you get organized, block ads, reduce clutter, schedule social media posts, save passwords, and much more. Take a look at this infographic to see which Chrome extensions suit...




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