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Save 1,000 Minutes

The world is speeding up and with superfast broadband becoming more widely available, the internet is no SAVE different. We're constantly pushing 1,000 MINUTES the limits of what is possible but imagine what could be achieved with the time that is saved...? WITH FIBRE OPTIC BROADBAND the stats There are 18.4 million fixed residential Adults without broadband broadband in Adults with broadband connections in the in the UK the UK UK Unavailability of cable broadband to UK households 52% Availability of cable broadband to UK 48% 24% households Average FTIC (fibre-optic) speeds in UK 31.6Mbps 76% 9Mbps Average broadband speeds in UK Fibre optic broadband can currently achieve speeds of up to 100Mbps in the UK. Gender difference of those unaware of their broadband connection speeds 55% 78% Filmand TJ downloads are increasing rapidly... Yahoo Movies 1.4m UK users Lovefilm Instant 2.5m UK users Netflix 1.2m UK users 4od monthly 28mi downloads 140m iPlayer monthly downloads 14% Top Gear Amount of Sherlock UK homes that don't recieve 2Mb (recommended speed for iPlayer) Holmes Most requested TV downloads on The iPlayer Voice The Apprentice how much time could you save with fibre optic broadband? 25 400 mins X 100 = 300 mins X 250 = 200 mins 8 500 = 100 mins If you used superfast broadband to download 25 high quality movies, 100 TUV programmes, 250 music albums and stream 500 YouTube videos, then you could save yourself an extra 1,000 minutes! *based on average ADSL speeds compared to 58Mbps fibre optic broadband download speeds what epic things could you do in 1,000 minutes? Akira Haraguchi recited Pi to 100,000 decimal places in 16 hours RogerAllsop (70) swam the Channel in 17hours James Peterson fist pumps for 16 hours •• Marc Gawley visited all 278 London Underground stations in 17 hours Christian Stangl ascended Kailua-Kona (80) completed the Hawaian Ironman in 16 hours, 21 minutes Everest in 16 hours42 mins The longest evertennis rally lasted for 15 hours Prof Jean-Michel Dubermard The world's longest nougat (695 m)uwas made in 16 hours performed a double arm transplant in 17hours itunes Apple has 18 million songs on īTunes You could save 2,700,000 minutes if you downloaded every song on iTunes by using a 50Mbps fibre optic connection instead of an 8Mbps ADSL connection! That's enough time to listen to 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor 650,000 times! Epic! The World Wide Web is moving at an incredible pace and we're all set to move along with it. Superfast broadband is set to change the way that we can use the internet, and will pave the way for exciting online innovations. MoneySupermarket com references er-experience/tce-11/research_report_of511a.pdf band-research/may2012/Fixed_bb_speeds_May_2012.pdf flix-in-uk-video-streaming formance-jan-apr.html band-speed-britain D000

Save 1,000 Minutes

shared by Moneysupermarket on Sep 19
How much time could you save by switching to fibre optic broadband? We estimate that heavy internet users may be able to save 1000 minutes on their internet activities. From double arm transplant surg...


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