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Samsung Display Infographic

Display Beyond the Monitor Once a Monochromatic Data Display Tool, the Computer Monitor Has Evolved into a Vibrant, Colorful Element of Style Five decades of innovations in picture quality and design have expanded our relatioship with the monitor. Today, thee's more to eperience, both otrscreen and off. 50s 1951 Eariyennnerci te freturing anly blinking indeatr, are than onh Since 198, the unber of US households with at lest one computer has gronfrom EVOLUTION OF THE MONITOR pent Conputer use is the 2nd nost connon nedia activity behind TV tod Anerican adults spend en verege of 62minutes per day front ofa conputer sereen just for internet use alane 1980s Today 1960 Fi pte dere Aspect Ratio 43 169 Percentage uf uS survey respondents whe do the follewing et least once month online on a computer ytie dley sl fr Vievable Screen Sioe Sendroive phetan by enail 60s Sereen Resalution SIN h 320 200 piels 2540 piels in ephteer play Thicis 40 Cm 51min s35t 1973 Today's Premium Monitors: Ultimăte Performance, Brilliant Design he Tgeiter pdefiret diglayof hanmer erneten ieryt 1deal for creating sharing and distinetive style setalfrane tenpered utinedie content Inspired by moders architecture highest quality aterlals 2011 clusive cler anegenet technology fer vibrant caler hiden input connectors 1976 F Semung detut Plane tLine Shing LED penes ints ris idetuts re ting cet monitars ... elegant construction motars suaranteed precision 2003 Color Calibration: When Details Matter LC utel C onitars for the fest tie The importance of true color accuracy can never be underestinated 1982 Sanung introduc its fir era Can You See Me? Intur, aninal une type of camouflage caled oppis to hidein plain sigit uning special cells caled chronitngheren ethe SPO 1000 Disr nnef the festi uter eted In decorating to creetea pait color that matches real ife object,a pectrophitoneter shines light on the sample and reads each wavelength of ght reflected back I Sansung Series monitar production, achunits individally calirted and hand tuned to ensure color accurecy 80s. 90s 4988 1995 s fir empteraninate imtawin Acadeny herd 1991 1993 Sansung ntroducesits 1992 rst Ter lathe stars ft beiged pondtreing Cotgted shape pealtsnd eting rerreting 00 Sesung intrdo Sykaster rnd of minter Worddw veed ade serein ethei thernd SAMSUNG

Samsung Display Infographic

shared by apdesignworks on Mar 31
To promote their newest display screen, Samsung wanted a historic view of the computer monitor. New technology and "firsts" are highlighted to show how far the technology and design has come throughou...


Weber Shandwick


Amy Parker


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