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Runkets: Free platform to make sales and buy at lowest prices

RUKets is an innovative ecommerce platform that introduces online vendors with potential buyers across a wide range of markets. Quickly find what you want Runkets helps you to save your time and find the product or service you need at the best price. Just send us your wish and within seconds you will begin to receive great offers from multiple sellers. Negociate the price Now you can bargain to get the best price for the desired good or service. Buyer Seller Negotiate the price, color, shipping condition or other product's features. Get discounts for your purchase and enjoy buying at lowest prices. Feel different Runkets - the platform that makes you feel different. Now buying and selling is pretty simple: make an inquíry, receive offers, discuss with sellers, negotiate and receive the best offer! Increase your sales Do you have a product on eBay, Amazon or personal website that you are trying to sell but not happy with sales you made? Do you want to increase your profit by selling fast and directly to the buyers? Choose Runkets! Want to buy a product? Step Write your wish and send the request Step Wait for offers and choose ones that fit your needs best Step Discuss and negociate with the seller, let him know what you want Step Receive best offer BEST OFFER Step Accept the offer Step http:www Receive the link where you can buy Step Seller will deliver to you. Do you have products to sell? Step Create your offer, or add your csv file from your ecommerce site, or add your ebay, eby anaen amazon page Step Upload all offers Step Open Runkets page and see all requests Step Select requests you are interested in and send your offer Step 5$ Set the best price, or send them coupons, bonus or different prices COUPON Step http:www Your link offer will be sent to user Step User will accept your offer Step Seller will deliver to you Advantages to use Runkets 1 Easy to receive what you want 2 Negociate prices and sell efficiently 3 Simple and free to use it 4 For business is only 10cents to list an offer Great! Runkets: problems we solve You discuss and negotiate directly with the vendor. Your queries will be sent only to people that have the exact parameters you require. The vendor will be able to personalize his offer depending of the requirements of every customer. RUAkets Did you have a product on ebay, amazon or personal site you can find cosumers on aet wh dy wiI be sent on product pa or service p I wish to: Type your reguest here Latest runkets8422 Lastest offers sent V ato w r A l mn Vant anehonw ri A tn H Va an ttman Vant an ohonwer e A I Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. Sen h n Fere TRY IT FOR PREE RAkets Runkets: satisfied buyers Our idea is changing the attitude of sellers towards buyers. It is a new way to find the products and services you are looking for. We know that customers' expectations become higher every day and we want to satisfy them. RUAkets HY I wish to: ype yr est hee 124 Latest requests 38422 Lastest proposes 898400 Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. Senoeit can e pou For TRY IT FOR FREE RUAkets Create an offer It's simple to get your products listed on Runkets: create the offer right on the website, much like an ad, upload a .CSV file from your website directly to Runkets or import your eBay products to your account. RAkets I wish to: ee yor My offers 38422 459 S Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. Seehe e er TRY IT POR FRE RUkets Potential buyers see your offer The Runkets system automatically links related buyer requests to your account, alerting you that there is someone who may be interested in your product or service, based on the information provided by the buyer when they created the runket. RAkets I wish to: be your et ee My offers 38 422 459S 459S 459 S Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. Sen hew it can hee you. For te TRY IT FOR FREE RAkets Create a request All you have to do to create a request is type in your wish and wait for offers. Example: "I want to purchase an iPhone 5: RAkets I wish to: Toe your eaunat here My Requests 38422 Over 5 000 O00 people use runket daily. TRY IT FOR FREE EHA UA RUAkets Receiving offers The user will receive offers from multiple offerors. He will initiate the negotiations or discussions about the product/service. The offerors can change the offer or decline to participate. RUAkets I wish to: Tyoe your ret My request Proposes on my request 1898400 Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. RUkets Discuss with sellers You can negotiate the price, color, shipping - discuss about all the features. When you approve the offer made, the vendor will send you a personalized offer. RUAkets I wish to: Ton your maunat here My request Proposes on my request 1898400 459 S 459 $ 459 S Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. See ne Per ee TRY IT FOR FRE RUAket Choose the best offer After negotiating you can choose the offer you are mostly interested in. RAkels I wish to: Request for offers Proposes on this request4 oaher 459$ 40 459 S Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. ROkets View all requests for your offers You can see all requests which are linked to your offers in Requests for Offers. Choose the requests you are interested in and bid! You can automate your bids if the initial offer matches the request entirely. RtAkets Requests for offers 38422 Over 5 000 000 people use runket daily. See Pr TRY IT FORFREE RUkets Bid and close the deal Bid! Change price and write a message to attract the client to a conversation. Personal messages increase the trust rating. When the client accepts the offer, he will receive a link to complete the transaction. RAkets I wish to: Fyoe your ret Requests for offers 38422 150s - SSOs 459 529 s Over 5 000 O00 people runket daily. TRY IT FOR FREE RAkets

Runkets: Free platform to make sales and buy at lowest prices

shared by Myroona on May 30
Runkets is the place to ramp up your sales, get your products seen by many people and discuss details directly with your buyer.


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