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Ruby vs Python: Difference Between the Programming Languages

VS Python Ruby Main characteristics high-level object-oriented language high-level general-purpose language interpreted and human-centric language interpreted scripting language open-source it uses closures (blocks, procs, and lambdas) powerful and flexible Django framework Ruby on Rails (RoR) is one of the most hyped web-development frameworks focuses on the "One Right Way" philosophy Rails' principles of programming adhere to Agile methods Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib (essential Python libraries) focuses on the "Many Solutions" principle has a very vast and vibrant community Core areas web applications Web apps, as well as academic and scientific programming Use cases is best suited for digital marketing (high-traffic sites and apps) is best suited for implementing data-heavy sites (prototyping and data analysis) Philosophy offers multiple ways to solve a problem offers one right solution to a problem Libraries the limited range of libraries the extensive set of libraries Advantages dynamic and efficient language easy to learn, readable language Popularity Django is less popular but much more efficient RoR is popular and flexible Usability the code can be reused (Gems), offers reusable code (modules) available via PyPI but Ruby does not provide filtering Major apps hulu Jelvíx

Ruby vs Python: Difference Between the Programming Languages

shared by jelvix on Aug 05
Today’s web development is primarily dominated by all-purpose languages that compile to high-performance code. There are around 600 languages out there, but not all of them get a good rap. In this g...


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