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The Rise of Smartphone Recycling

When smartphones became popular, too many mobile phones got dumped in drawers & other forgotten places. Companies took advantage of this by starting to recycle unused mobile phones in hope for a better & cleaner world. the/ recyclable rise of Smartphone Recycling But smartphones will eventually lose ground, too, therefore it's important that smartphones get recycled as well. WELCOME! Population: 63 mil. Phones: 82 mil. 0.5 mil. ****** ****** 0.6 mil. VS 2007 1 mil. 2008 Over a quarter of adults and nearly half of all teens now own a smartphone. 2009 1.2 mil. 2 mil. SII 4 S The rise of 3.3 mil. the Smartphone (units sold In the UK) #31 #2 A phone is used for an average of 29 months in the UK as compared to an average of 18 months in the USA. #3 The 3 most popular phones of zo1z 18 months 29 months The materials used in the production of a smartphome Making a 0.07-ounce microchip uses bb pounds of materials, including water and toxic chemicals such as flame retardants and chlorinated solvents. Producing I ounce of gold creates 80 tons of waste. 5.8 tonnes of gold ore needs to be mined to make 2,000 phones. Those 2,000 phones can later be recycled for 8 ounces of pure gold. Also included are materials like Lithium, Tin, Tungsten, Chrome, Tantalum, Glass, Aluminium & Plastic. Percentage of total donated phones are sent to: 31 % Nigerla 15 % Romania 15 % South Africa 11 % Kenya 40 10 % Hong Kong 7 % Ghana 7 % Congo 60% of recycled phones can be up-cycled and donated to others around the world. 41,66b,625 cubic feet of phones have been thrown away in 2012, those phones could cover a football field 868 feet thick (American football field) When you buy a new mobile phone it leaves a carbon footprint of 32 global square meters. Estimates state that close to 90 million phones are hiding in drawers and cupboards across the UK (11,250 tonnes) - these weigh almost six times as much as the London Eye! The average mobile phone owner has two phones that they do not use. Only o.001% - 0.003% of electronic equipment is recycled each year. 150 billion texts sent in 2011 in the UK. At 0.000003 grams of co2 per text, this is a total of 450000 grams of coz, which is the equivalent of driving about 2848 miles in a car. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the fastest text message, completed in 34.65 seconds was sent in 2010 by Frode Ness of Norway. brought to you byLOVE2, RECYCLE "Everyone has a drawer of phones and they don't realize the impact that they can have on the 10101 environment" - Channa Ming 2010 ITOZ

The Rise of Smartphone Recycling

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There are a staggering number of mobile phones in circulation - find out how they impact our environment and how recycling can help.


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