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The Rise of Smart Home Consumer Tech

BORDERLESS ACCESS Redefining Reach and Insights The Rise Of SMART HOME Consumer Tech With fast internet connectivity becoming more easily accessible and the cost of consumer tech dropping, smart home devices are becoming more common in homes all over the world. To capture consumer perspective about this fast-growing digital space, Borderless Access conducted an online study across Brazil, Dubai, France, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. The study considered ~2000 participants and traced their device preferences, usage behaviour and privacy concerns. This infographic highlights some of the findings from the study. Most common smart home devices owned *Overall percentages 77% 45% 33% 31% Smart TV Smart speaker Smart lights Smart camera/security Top smart home devices people intend to buy *Overall percentages 35% 27% 27% Smart camera/security Smart fridge Smart lights Top reasons for owning or planning to purchase smart home devices *Overall percentages 39% * 55% 42% 46% Find it to be cool INDIA SOUTH AFRICA NIGERIA 71% * 80% 76% 78% Adds convenience NIGERIA VIETNAM MALAYSIA 72% * 76% 79% 89% 76% Find them genuinely useful INDIA UK INDONESIA VIETNAM 56% 62% 69% Helps being organized BRAZIL INDONESIA The most common uses for smart home devices *Overall percentages 55% 49% 49% 45% 4K 36% 29% Реople owning a full-fledged smart, connected home *Overall percentages 12% * 27% 18% Owns a connected smart home INDIA SAUDI ARABIA 36% * 45% 48% Intends to have a smart home in the future BRAZIL INDONESIA Setting- up a connected smart home *Overall percentages 68% * 78% 88% Seeking professional help to INDIA VIETNAM set up a connected home 22% 41% 44% SMART HOUSE UK FRANCE Would set-up on their own Top reasons for not owning a connected smart home *Overall percentages * 46% 54% 53% 51% Do not want more technology in life INDIA SAUDI ARABIA INDONESIA 35% DR2 001000 010100 E54 57% 58% 010 KLS2SLFDMS 001011101010 Have privacy concerns TV VIETNAM FRANCE Association of brand consideration & privacy concern B R 52% Want brands to do 88% more to alleviate privacy concerns Consider the brands that alleviate privacy concerns Consumer preference of data storage location in external servers *Overall percentages 34% 34% 31% Should be in the Should be in Should be stored home country a trusted country locally on the device ! II IIIIIII IIII IIII IIIII 1IIIIII IIIIII IIIII II =: : Conclusion Although data privacy is a major concern, this study concludes that adoption of smart home devices is increasing as consumers find them genuinely useful in making their lives easier and there is a small percentage of consumers adopting them as a fad. The findings also provide opportunities for established and new brands to develop secure, user-friendly devices to improve the adoption rate of smart home devices. To gain more such insights, you can reach out to us here. 24 [email protected] in You Tube AND

The Rise of Smart Home Consumer Tech

shared by BorderlessAccess on Aug 31
Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the adoption of smart home devices, thereby causing rapid growth in its market. Moreover, the pandemic fuelled the growth and changes in the smart ho...


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