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The Rise Of Domestic Robots

THE RISE OF DOMESTIC ROBOTS IS THE 'HOME OF THE FUTURE' THAT 60's MARKETERS ONCE DREAMED OF ABOUT TO COME TRUE? We're probably not about to become the Jetsons, but thanks to the rise of Domestic Robots, we might be one step closer to a fully automated home, where chores are a thing of the past! WHAT DO DOMESTIC ROBOTS DO? ** Clean your home Maintain your garden Care for sick people Help elderly people around the home Maintain your home security Clean up after your pets ROBOTS FOR CHORES Here are just a few of the chores robots currently available. THE ROOMBA A vacuum cleaner robot that automatically navigates it's own way around obstacles to clean your home's floors. You can just turn it on, leave it on the floor, and it will work away. In its entire lifetime, the That's about 21,642,512 20,000 Robot vacuum Roomba will cover football fields. cleaners are sold in the UK 1,680,000,000,000 sq. ft of floor space. every year. HELP! New generation Roombas can actually use a human voice synthesis - so if it gets stuck, it will shout for help! Roombas have built in Strangely, animals seem to love riding the Roomba - there are multiple Youtube videos showing cats, dogs and even Prarie dogs riding acoustic - based dirt sensors - because of this they can actually sense when part of your floor is particularly dirty, and spend longer cleaning it. Roombas! LITTER ROBOT Do you hate cleaning out the kitty litter? Well now you no longer have to, because there's now a robot that will deal with all that mess for you called the Litter Robot. The robot is 'cat-activated' so it goes to work as soon as your cat is finished. SECURITY ROBOTS What if there was a robot that could patrol the perimeter of your home and report back on any security threats? The Robotex security bot can be plugged into an iPad, but it can then be controlled using an iPhone. It can record and detect security threats, and it can be driven around using an In the future security robots may be able to smell fires, or detect sounds made by app on your smartphone. thieves. The robot will even be able to communicate with you to inform you about the threat, using a smartphone or communication device. POLICE! FREEZE! The Agent 007 bot by MobileRobots Inc. is programmed to announce 'Police! Freeze!' if an intruder opens a window. ROBOT LAWN MOWERS Not a fan of mowing the lawn? How about investing in a robotic lawn mower then? These gadgets are able to neatly trim your grass evenly without human assistance. Some robot lawn mowers can detect weather conditions, so they know when to mow, and when to protect the electronic battery they come with. The Husqvarna Automower even has measures to ensure no one can steal your fancy robot lawn mower - it can send you its GPS location! Others can text you to ask for commands. Many robot lawn mowers can analyse your lawn and plan out the most effective route for efficiently mowing. A good robot lawnmower can take just 20 mins to mow a 200sq.ft lawn. BUTLER ROBOTS If you need a butler that works 24/7, doesn't demand pay, and never sleeps, then you might want to invest in a butler robot. Scientists at the university of Cornell have invented a robot that can... Pour you a beer. Predict when you are Assist you by predicting what your actions might lead to - for example, it can open doors if it knows your hands are full. hungry, and get you a snack. Refill your cup when nearly empty. Avoid spillages and accidents by anticipating human movements. DOMESTIC ROBOT FACTS WE'RE A LAZY BUNCH ROBOTA! The word 'Robot' comes from the Czech word 'Robota' which means to 'force to work' or 'slave labour'. Apparently 61% of people in a recent survey said ?? they would like to buy a domestic robot. The current robots we have could never compete with the complex calculations of the brain. Even the Cornell butler robot only makes correct decisions around 80% of the time. It costs almost Ş700 for a Roomba 790 - you could hire a maid for about 28 hours for the same price. NO! $1000 28% of people would not buy a domestic According to research by the University of California, people dislike robots that look too robot unless it costs less than $1000 much like humans. Sources Infographic by ncf furnishing your home. ) webtise.

The Rise Of Domestic Robots

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An infographic which looks at the rise of domestic robots detailing what they are, current domestic robots & various facts



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