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The Rise of the Digital Age - BT Business

Вт Business THE RISE OF THE DIGITAL AGE. The digital world has exploded, and it's growing exponentially - here are just some of the facts on what's happened, what's happening and what's to come. 2020 Tech company EMC claims that, by 20 20, the digital universe will have grown to 2012 The world produces Make sure you have the right connection to make the most of the opportu nities presented by big data, the Internet of Things and more - see how we can help your business at: 2837 exabytes anformation 40,026 exabytes. 2002 2006 |2010 FUEL The world produces The world produces The world produces 2018 - Wearab letech Measuring data 5 exabytes of information 161 exabytes of information 1227 exabytes of information cons umption is expected to reach £485m. A quick guide to explain what different amounts of dat a are called... 81% ONE MILLION TRILLION Byte = 8 bits (a bit is a single character of text) 1999 Kilobyte (KB) = 1,000 bytes Megabyte (MB) = 1,000 Kb Gigabyte (GB) = 1,000 Mb Terabyte (TB) = 1,000 Gb Exabyte growth of mobile traffic in 2012. The world produces 1.5 exabytes 2018 - The first of information exascale computers will be built, capab le of 1 million trillion calculati ons per second 73 BILLION UNITS GLOBALLY. (an Exabyte is one quintillion bytes) (EB) = 1,000 Tb 2008 - The number of things connected to the internet exceeded the number of peo ple on earth. twelve thirty five 2013 - Worldwide tablet sales grew by 76% DOT.COM 2002. of CIOs will be using doud for their core infrastructure 2006 - Twitter was launched. And Facebook launches on the open web (created in 2004) in 2015. 2011 -14 Million wearable devices were estimated to be shipp ed. 68% 2008 - Google launches its Chrome browser and Chrome 0s etY 2020 - The number of DOT.COM 2007 -94% of all storage cap acity was digital. 2011 - Bring Your Own Device became a hot topic after a major report by Citrix (29M smartphones, tablets and PCs in use will reach about 7.3 billion 1991 BIR TH OF THE WEB.A 1997. units globally. CLOUD SERVICES. 2002 - Digital storage becomes more cost- 2015 -Video call us ers 2010 Over 12.5 billion devices are connected to the internet. to reach 29m globally. 1999 - The first business and consumer cloud effective for storing data than paper 1997 -Google became widely known as the gateway to the web 1995 -Win dows 95 2017 - It is expected that the vast majority of the UK will have access to superfast broadband. computing services were launched. |1989 - Tim Berners-Lee writes and circulates a proposal on Information Manag ement. 2013 - 86% of adults had was supplied with Internet Explorer 3.0 and had huge market dominance. 1992 - First smartphone invented. 2007 - The iPhone op ens up a whole new world of Apps. APPS. Google used the internet. 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 1998 1993 2020 2005 2016 2002 2013 The growth of traffic on the 569 million 1 billion It is predicted that 38% of businesses will stop providing employees with devices. We use more internet in 1 second people are connected to the internet worldwide. Employe es who are armed with we arable devices in By 2020 the cloud computing market is forecast to public Internet internet users, 9.1% of the world today than we used during the whole year of 1993! the workplace increase their productivity by 8.5% and their job satisfaction by 3.5%. is 100% population exceed $241 billion per year SOURCES: http://www ons govuk/ons/rel/rdit2 /int ernet-access-quarterly-update/q2-2013/sty-ia-q2-2013 html http://www gy/2 014/mar/12/history-world-wide-web-timeli ne http://www.bus St ats_Wearable_Tech html https //www.gartner com/doc/2422315/bring -device-facts-future http://www gartner com/newsroom/id/2684616 http:/share ernet-of-things html http://mail2web. com/blog/2011/05/smartphone-revolution-grawth-smart phones -exchange-activeync/ http://ww.CiS cO. com/en/US/solutions/callateral /ns 341 /ns 525/ns 537 /ns 705/ns 827 /white_p aper_cll-520862 html| uk/policy/as ets /FSB-The-Fourth-Utility pdf http://computer ernet htm http://infographiclist com/2013/06/26/the-rise-of-wearable-tech nology- infographic/ http://www.pamorama net/2012/10/06/how-the-internet-ha-changed-in-the-lat-10-years- infographic/ http://www businessinsider com/how-twitter-wa-found ed-2011-4 http: //www.computerworld com/s/artidle/111366/The_Top_10_T_Developments_of_the_Pat_20_Years http://www.salesforce com/uk/socialsuccess/cloud-computing/the-complete-history-of-cloud-computing jsp http://www.citrix. com/go /p/pgm/byoindex2011 http://databoard ft com http://www. juniperres earch com/viewpressrelese php?pr-209 https //www abiresearch com/press/wearable-devices-like-apple-watch-will http:/stakeholders ofcom org uk/b inaries/research/telecoms - res earch/infratructu re-report/IRU_2013 pdf http://business bt com/it-support-and-security/data-centre-services /why-cloud/ http// http://www computerworld com/article/2550451 /computer-hardware/scientists--it-commun ity- await-exascale-computers html http://point-topiccom/press-and-events/2013/bduk-will-bring -superfat-to-1-8-million-homes-by-2015/ NOIII PREDICTION

The Rise of the Digital Age - BT Business

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The digital world has exploded, and it's growing exponentially - here are just some of the facts on what's happened, what's happening and what's to come.


BT Business


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