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The Rise & Demise of Nokia

THE RISE 50.9% Global Market 2000s Share Q4 2007 37.8% Global Nokia Global Market 39.3% Global Market Share Q2 8110 Share Smartphones 2007 - 2014 2010 Market Share Q1 2009 NOKIA & DEMISE OF 1011 MOBRIA UNBREAKABLE! CITYMAN900 27.6% Global Market Share Q1 2011 5110 NOKIA NOKIA . Nokia 3310 (2000) One of the best-selling phones of all time. · Revolutionary online chat function. · Cult status as an indestructable phone. Nokia report a 30% fall in 2008 profits, while Apple enjoys sales growth of 327.5%. 2.8% Global Market Share • Nokia 3650 (2003) - The brand's inaugural video capture phone - is launched. Q1 2013 no 3G are we - Nokia 6650 (2003) · The world's first 3G phone enabling users to browse the web, download music and watch videos on the move. 1987 1992 1996 1998 "The Japanese made the smallest, the Americans made the lightest, but the Finns made the best" popular NOKIA *sigh* - Nokia 7710 (2004) - Nokia's first ever touchscreen phone. 15.4% Global Market Share Q2 US magazine advert for the Nokia 1011 . Nokia N70 (2005), N90 (2005), N91 (2006) · Although still the market leader, Nokia reveals it's losing some of the share to its rivals due to a poor performing new product range. 2011 7110 *..* • In 2007 Nokia is involved in one of the largest ever product recalls after admitting 46 million phone batteries could be faulty. 6110 3210 3310 iPhone (2007) Steve lobs unveils the Apple iPhone and so changes the mobile landscape forever. Turbulence in the global telecom market sees profits dip and the loss of 1,000 Nokia jobs announced. 1998 1999 1999 2000 1980s • (2008-2011) Nokia announces the acquisition of Symbian, an operating system for its smartphone ventures. KEY NOKIA DEVICES GORBACHEV calling. SYMBIAN 6650 NOKIA 3650 N70 NOKIA 7710 • Mobira Cityman 900 (1987) · Paves the way for the Nokia mobile revolution. - Soviet chief Gorbachev is pictured with the hefty Cityman. 2003 2003 2004 2005 1990s 2010s N91 5800 XPRESS N8 MUSIC N90 The Nokia N1 tablet by Foxconn is introduced to inject a new lease of life into the Nokia proceed to design, manufacture and market many devices, gradually decreasing in size as technology progresses. · Failing to keep up with iPhone and Android devices, Nokia hire ex-Microsoft exec Stephen Elop who cuts 1,800 jobs to streamline the firm. 2005 2006 2008 2010 - The Nokia Lumia range is unleashed, which sees Symbian scrapped for Microsoft's Windows operating system. - Nokia 8110 (1996) - Dubbed 'the banana' due to its curved sliding mouthpiece. · Hollywood utilises the 8110 design for its sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix, prompting astronomical sales. 5110 wounded giant. - Nokia 5110 & 6110 (1998) - Nokia establishes itself as the world's largest mobile phone 1865 SNAKE 1998 manufacturer. iOS 15.7% · Nokia introduces personalised, interchangeable phone fascia. · The legendary SNAKE game is introduced. Android 22.7% Global Market Share 2010 N1 TABLET Global Market Nokia Aktiebolag is founded by the Finnish duo Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin as a Russian Empire paper mill. Android and Apple's iOS dominate the market share, whilst Nokia's Windows platform struggles (4.2% Global Market Share). Share 2010 1979 NOKIA The brand dabbles in the rubber industry and becomes one of Finland's leading manufacturers of galoshes, gas masks and other - Microsoft announces plans to purchase Nokia's mobile phone business for €5.44bn. LUMIA 800 rubber-based products. NOKIA Mechelin presents his electrical aspirations to the company's shareholders and begins producing telephone and telegraph cables. Apple 23% Global Market - Microsoft decides to phase out the Nokia branding on all its future flagship devices. 12.2% Global - Nokia 7110 (1999) - The most sought-after phone on the market. - The world's first internet-accessing mobile. Market Share Q4 2011 Nokia develops the DX 200 (1970), a digital switch for telephone exchanges, which would later become a workhorse of the network equipment world. Share Q4 2011 · Elop announces a partnership with Microsoft and cuts a further 4,000 jobs, and Nokia is overtaken by Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. · Nokia announces it will no longer participate in the development of smartphones, instead it will license its Nokia brand to suitable third party products. 2011 2014 - Nokia 3210 (1999) · Compact, customisable and, with the introduction of predictive text and cheap pay-as-you-go deals, it was universally loved by teenagers around the globe. I3 predictive tent! · Despite thousands of job losses and the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 800 (2011), it is Samsung who established themselves as the largest producer of mobile phones. NOKIA 1898 SGT.OY NOKIA VOKIA SOURCE LINKS NOKIA - Nokia issues third profit warning in just over a year. • • • • • • mobile MADHOUSE Samsung 27.5% Global Market Share 1865 1898 1965 1966 Q4 2011 0000 00000 0000 !!

The Rise & Demise of Nokia

shared by lewiscook85 on Jan 08
However you feel about the state of Nokia today, no one can deny that’s it’s been one hell of a ride. From early success as a manufacturer of rubber products to signal-handedly shaping the mobile ...






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