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The rise of Adobe Photoshop

The Rise of Adobe Photoshop Originally created by the Knoll brothers in the 80s, Photoshop has developed over the years into the World's most popular image editing program and has become the industry standard in all creative fields Thomas Knoll In 1987, a PhD student at the University of Michigan found that his new Mac Plus failed to display grayscale images on its 1-bit black and white display. So to solve this weakness of the Mac Plus, Thomas began coding a program that could solve this problem. John Knoll His brother John, who was in charge of the special effects department for Industrial Light and Magic on the first Star Wars movie showed interest in the project. He recommended that it be expanded into a full image editing program, which they named "Display". 1987 Display Autumn 1987 The precursor to Photoshop. 1988 Photoshop 0.07 “Bond" January 1988 Not publicly released: this demo was the first known copy of Photoshop. AH Photoshop 0.87 “Seurat" API March 1988 First version distributed commercially through the scanner company Barneyscan. Features: File formats, soft edge selection, levels, colour balance, hue and saturation, painting September 1998: a deal was struck between the Knoll brothers and Adobe 1989 1990 Photoshop 1.0 “Seurat" February 1990 Adobe Photoshop New features: Colour correction, output optimization, curves, clone tool 1991 Photoshop 2.0 “Fast Eddy" June 1991 New features: CMYK colour, paths, EPS rasterization, masking, pen tool 1992 Photoshop 2.5 “Merlin (), Brimstone ()" February 1992 New features: 16-bit channel support, palettes 1993 November 1993: IRIX, Solaris version of 2.5 released 1994 Photoshop 3.0 “Tiger Mountain" September 1994 New features: Layers, tabbed palettes Adobe Photoshop 3.0 November 1994: Windows, IRIX, Solaris versions of 3.0 released 1995 March 1995: Adobe buys Photoshop from the Knoll Brothers 1996 Photoshop 4.0 “Big Electric Cat" November 1996 Adobe Photoshop 4.0 New features: Adjustment layers, actions (macros) 1997 1998 Photoshop 5.0 "Strange Cargo" May 1998 New features: Editable type, multiple undos, colour management, magnetic lasso Adobe Photoshop s. 1999 Adobe Photoshopss Photoshop 5.5 "Strange Cargo" February 1999 New features: Save for web, extract, image slicing, rollover effects 2000 Adobe Photoshopen Photoshop 6.0 “Venus in Furs" September 2000 New features: Vector shapes, liquify filter, layer styles/blending option dialog 2001 2002 Adobe |Photoshop z0 Photoshop 7.0 “Liquid Sky" March 2002 New features: Healing brush, fully vector text, new painting engine, Photoshop file browser 2003 Photoshop CS "Dark Matter" October 2003 New features: Shadow/highlight, match colour, lens blur filter, real-time histogram, highly modified slice tool, hierarchical layer groups, smart guides, type on a path 2004 2005 Photoshop CS2 "Space Monkey" April 4th 2005 New features: Smart objects, image warp, spot healing brush, red-eye tool, lens correction filter, smart sharpen, vanishing point, HDR imaging support 2006 2007 ADORE PHOTOSHOP CS3 Photoshop CS3 "Red Pill" Ps April 16th 2005 New features: Smart filters, quick selection tool, refine edge tool, auto layer alignment & blending 2008 ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CSA Photoshop CS4 “Stonehenge" Ps October 15th 2008 New features: Marks panel, adjustments panel, fluid canvas rotation, content aware scaling & cropping, 3D editing and compositing, pixel grid, 2D conversions to 3D, volume rendering 2009 2010 Photoshop CS5 “White Rabbit" Ps April 30th 2010 New features: Content aware fill, intelligent selection technology, advanced HDR processing, auto lens correction, advanced 3D options, puppet warp tool, bristle tips, mixer brush, subtract and divide blend modes 2011 2012 Photoshop CS6 "Superstition" Ps May 7 2012 New features: Content aware patch & move, blur gallery, new crop tool, paragraph and character style, background save & auto recovery, preset migration and sharing, color range: skin tone and face detection, enchanced crop tool with straighten option, oil paint filter, adaptive wide angle filter, paragraph & character styles, new vector tool system 2013 Ps Photoshop "Lucky 7" June 17 2013 New features: Camera shake reduction, intelligent unsampling, camera raw as filter, editable rounded rectangles, improved 3D painting, share on Behance, conditional action, min & max filter round kernel, sync preferences with Cloud CC September Update New features: Adobe generator, generate image assets from layer, edge reflow integration 2014 Photoshop CC "Single Malt Wiskey Cat" Photoshop CC Ps January 2014 New features: Perspective warp, linked smart objects, 3D printing support, publish 3D models on Sketchfab, Adobe Camera Raw 8.3 CC June Update New features: Blur gallery motion effect, focus mask, expanded mercury graphics engine support 2015 Photoshop CC "Surfing Cow" Ps June 15 2015 New features: Artboards, Stock marketplace, Camera Raw as filter, design space (Preview), some Layer styles can now be added up to 10 instances, redesign image export feature, linked files in CC libraries, Adobe Camera Raw 9.1, realtime healing previews 2016 Ver 1.0 (July 2015) Interested in learning Photoshop? 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The rise of Adobe Photoshop

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History of the rise of Adobe Photoshop Here’s an up-to-date (July 2015) timeline of the history of Adobe Photoshop, which displays the origin of the software and its most significant developments...


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