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RIM vs the World

RIM vs the world Market Share of SMARTPHONES worldwide RIM History 2008 8.2% Nokia BlackBerry Windows 11.8% 52.4% iOS Other 1984 Founded by Mike Lazaridis & Douglas Fregin 2010 15.7% 1985 Nokia 37.6% Big contract to supply wireless message screens to GM O Android BlackBerry ioS Windows 16% Other » 1988 Develops wireless technology to work on Mobitex wireless network 1992 rprise Server vs iPhone Jim Balsillie joins BLACKBERRY RIM as co-CEO, mortgaging his house and investing $250,000 iPhones 1995 Bad Guys BlackBerry Smartphones Released the inter@ctive two-way pager Internet Firewall Email Servers Wireless Networks BlackBerry Enterprise Server Application Servers Obama is the first Instant Messaging Databases president to have a BlackBerry or email Servers 1997 Major Components of BES RIM listed on TSX raising $115 million Connections • Push - real-time connection with your email, calendar and address book • Documents and files - You can open and edit documents that are on your desktop • Instant messaging Collaboration tools 1998 RIM 950 Wireless Handheld » 1999 Listed on Nasdaq raising $250 million Security • Encryption Device lock-down • Remotely wipe data Percentage of non-business people who care about BES... » 2001 NTP sues RIM for patent infringement 0.1% 2002 Voice added 2002 BlackBerry 6750 Why people love RIM » 2003 BlackBerry 7200 color verizonwireless orange airtel Bell . Singfel T..Mobile- vodafone ROGERS at&t WIRELESS Keyboard Multitasking Available on most major carriers BlackBerries use 2/3 In 2003 and then again in 2005 Oprah Winfrey gave away a BlackBerry as part of her "Favorite Things" less data than other smartphones BBM Tough All of which could be coming soon to an Android phone near YOU... 2004 1 million BlackBerry subscriptions » 2006 RIM pays $612 million to settle NTP lawsuit » 2007 CEO Comparisons iPhone announced, Android unveiled, 10mil. subscriptions » 2008 BlackBerry Bold and Storm released » 2010 Jim Balsillie Mike Lazaridis Steve Jobs RIM buys QNX Software Systems • CEO of Apple • Co-CEO of RIM • Raised in small town Ontario • MBA from Harvard in 1989 • Pet Project: Donated $50m to found the Centre for International Governance Innovation • Has tried 3 times to buy an NHL team... and has failed • Net worth $2.3 Billion • Co-CEO of RIM • Turkish immigrant to Canada • Dropped out of the University of • Dropped out of Waterloo to start RIM in 1984 • Has donated over $225 million to various charities and universities • Pet Project: • Adopted and raised in » 2011 Playbook released Mountain View, California Reed College after one semester • Has not publicly donated any money to charity • Pet Project: He bought Pixar for $10 million in 1986 from Founded the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics with a $100 million donation • Net worth $2.9 Billion Lucasfilm and sold it in 2006 for $7.4 billion • Net worth $8.3 billion U.S. Government uses more then 500,000 BlackBerries Apps Store App Store• Launched July 2008 Android Market • Launched October 2008 BlackBerry App World Launched April 2009 35780149452018 64&adurl=http:// devices/blackberrypearl 8100/%3FCPID%3DKNCS EMDrimggl891000000369 53m%26HBX_PK%3Drimg gl891000000 36953m%26" style="color: #0000cc; font-size:small; font-style:normal; font- weight:normal; text decorationaunderline;"> BlackBerry? Peart? It has been reported that a BlackBerry has 16 million lines 370,000 apps 25,000 apps of code 150,000 apps Major acquisitions by RIM • Operating system • April 2010 • $200 million QNX SOFTWARE SYSTEMS DataViz • Makers of Documents To Go app • September 2010 • $50 million Compatibility. Instantly. Gist • Brings your inbox, social networks and address book together February 2011 Undisclosed amount • A mobile UI company • December 2010 • Undisclosed amount RIM is a Waterloo, Ontario based tat company Who will come out on TOP? geekaphone 11% 16.6% . ..

RIM vs the World

shared by Netta on Aug 05
We decided to look at why some people love their BlackBerry so much, and what challenges RIM is facing.




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