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Responsive Web Design

Akamai FASTER FORWARD SLOW RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN . SITES ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS YOUR CUSTOMERS HAVE HIGH WEB PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS No Matter The Device Or Network Percentage of end-users which expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less' 69% TABLET 47% PC 34% SMARTPHONE THE MAJORITY OF RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN SITES DELIVER THE SAME CONTENT No Matter The Device Or Network Page size of smallest vs. biggest resolution across 347 RWD sites 6% MUCH SMALLER 22% SLIGHTY SMALLER 72% ROUGHLY SAME SIZE DIFFERENT DEVICES & NETWORKS RESULT IN DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES EXAMPLE OF A MAJOR RETAILER'S RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN SITE“ Kilobytes: 764 | Requests: 60 4G VS VS Kilobytes 764 764 764 Requests 60 60 60 CPU 2.6GHZ quad-core 800MHZ dual-core 1GHZ quad-core Memory 16GB 512MB 1GB SunSpider JS ~145 ms ~1880 ms ~1500 ms Downlink 27 mbps 15 mbps 1 mbps Latency 20 ms 32 ms 138 ms MOST RWD SITES DO NOT MEET USER PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS“ 6.2 SECONDS 3.7 SECONDS 2.2 SECONDS Threshold: 2 seconds Tablet (Wifi) Smart Phone (4G) Laptop (Cable) "Shoot me now... responsive design has seemingly become confused with an opportunity to reduce performance rather than improve it. #performance" Twitter User WEB PERFORMANCE IMPACTS BUSINESS A ONE SECOND DELAY IN PAGE LOAD TIME EQUALS... -7% -11% CONVERSIONS? -16% PAGE VIEWS? 40% SATISFACTION? 49% If dissatisfied with Web site performance, 49% of tablet & 40% of smartphone users are unlikely to visit the site again OPTIMIZE END-USER EXPERIENCES BY ACCELERATING RENDERING AND REDUCING BYTES AND REQUESTS DOCUMENT 237KB COMPLETE* 20 REQUESTS DOCUMENT 697KB COMPLETE* 59 REQUESTS *Document Complete is when the browser considers the webpage loaded (onLoad event for those familiar with javascript events). This usually happens after all of the images and content have loaded but may not include content that is triggered by javascript execution. FEWER BYTES AND REQUESTS + ACCELERATED RENDERING = 50% FASTER FOR MORE INFORMATION Source: Equation Research; Forrester Research 2 Source: Equation Research, Aberdeen Group 3 4 Akamai Research Document Completion Time

Responsive Web Design

shared by CaseyKita on Jul 18
Slow responsive web design sites are bad for business. Your customers have web performance expectations no matter what device or network they are using.




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