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Research Proves That Cloud Confusion is Causing Storms in The IT Sector

Research proves that cloud confusion is causing storms in the IT sector Tech companies are full of more waffle than politicians, bankers and law firms combined A poll, conducted by Six Degrees Group, looking into the meaning for commonly used words and phrases from the technology sector has revealed some stark results: Facts What What 15% is PaaS? is laaS? 22% 16% Think that cloud computing is a free WiFi service for Internet access in Think that Platform as a Think that Infrastructure Service (PaaS) was a new philosophy in railway management as a Service (laaS) was a new road project public places Cloud Platform Clustering Big Data Top 5 waffle words Virtualisation And, what they really mean: 3 Virtualisation Creating a version of something in software, such as a server, rather than needing to have a physical machine Cloud Computer equipment and/or software that is used over a network such as the 4 Big Data Internet, rather than needing to own the equipment and software yourself A way to describe a set of data that is so large that it is difficult to analyse and get useful information from 2 Clustering 5 Platform In computing terms, a platform is the computer equipment and operating system (software), on which other applications run A group of computers working together on the same task, but appearing to be a single machine Cloud-washing creates a reputation crisis for the technology sector Findings amongst IT decision makers 83% Feel that cloud service providers could do more to demystify the cloud Almost half 45% 82% feel that 'cloud-washing' by marketing departments at technology brands is an increasing problem Of IT decision makers say that their cloud-computing provider is not listening to them One in five believe that cloud services are too rigid and inflexible 6% 17% 60% Agree that cloud service providers understood their needs well Less than one in five feel Feel that there is room that cloud service providers help them deliver cloud benefits through marketing for improvement Findings amongst business decision makers 60% Technology companies are guilty of using too much jargon 50% 40% 30% 20% II I ££££ 10% ££££ * Bankers Technology companies Government Lawyers up= dn Moving business This survey was conducted by Six Degrees Group For more information contact towards the Cloud O or visi Connect with us. % of Jargon

Research Proves That Cloud Confusion is Causing Storms in The IT Sector

shared by 6DG on Feb 17
Cloud computing and the terminology surrounding it often confuses IT managers, let alone the public. The info-graphic shows published research showing how some IT managers are struggling to cut acro...


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