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OTEC IN Q A TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS INDUSTRY OLOG CONPANY TRAINING SLOMITA REQUEST AC ES Ful name Oa Brant GendarFenae List: Vitor RELIABLE DATA AND EASY ACCESS FACIAL BIOMETRICS FOR YOUR OFFICE'S ACCESS HANKY, HE LAIL, HOHEUA ANU UIHEN ld-Gate CONTROL SYSTEM htcic Gatc 2ourion e Vor tiertion of access rchts E camoc out Laing facal bicmetri: idortif:aton crin terdon with tradtional chycical ldortiors ID-GATE D-LOGON D-OUARD Soltw pdut fur eicting the MUHE ASUI PKUCI urlral I l l ECOSYSTEM PLATFORM TECHNO-CGY STACK BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION ECOSYSTEM ID-EXPERT It in:ludes a multiroda ld-Me plattorm, reaciv-nade tiometiic software pro:lucts, and a set ot services and napronches that olkw you to imple nent th: necessary identitication procrss to utomate, iriprew officiency, aand Isunch aew inincsti: scrvires for busimess. Care The biometric icentity ecosystem includes: On Irtegr:dor mochintms Lve nodficction scrv ces LECAN AOSE ADpur THE CEpSYSTEM INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Technological capabiliries of biome:ric softwere products included in the multimodal Id Me platform mplement a wide range of irdustry business tasks. Business centers Public Institutions Industrlal facilities A mew kevd of wuik wi vbrlera uInd umpoyu ul Buk Iuiny ul wunu hsaad al products. remace Ticnong ofne quaity or personnel won. scany ooks tor nousnal tecinca. PRCDUCT MATRIX SLOMTARCouST


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RecFaces makes facial biometrics simple and applicable. We provide a wide range of ready-made biometric solutions for businesses to upgrade their security and technological efficiency. RecFaces prod...


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