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The Real Cost of a Data Breach

THE REAL OF ADATA BREACH COST L 37656240 E Malicious data breaches wreak havoc on enterprises: large organizations and governments are constantly under attack. When building application security programs, CISOS and security professionals are often left with one question: What is the real impact of a data breach? out of companies will be targeted by web application exploits. What kind of data is targeted? aterpin cartholder Corporate Data Intellectual Property Financial Information Customer Data 70% of CISOS interviewed understand the need for breach prevention. „.but will not act without a triggering event such as a data breach, audit, or new regulations. THE COST OF A MALICIOUS DATA BREACH The organizational cost of a data breach is: = $10,00. $5.4 MILLION The total cost for an organization is a product of: Lost reputation and brand va WHAT FACTORS DRIVE COST? Employee turnover increases for aSOs and security staff WHERE DO BREA CHES COME FROM? *Percentages do not total 100; Some breaches involve multiple attack vectors. The top attack vectors used in hacking-based breaches include": 34% Web Applications Backdoors or Control Channels 20% 17% Remote Access Services Unknown How do malicious breaches happen? 30% 28% SQL injection Targeted Attacks 27% Advanced Malware Organizations that suffered malicious breaches credited a lack of in-house In fact, just expertise as the main reason for failing to prevent breaches. 41% !! of U.S. companies reported having the tools, personnel, and funding to prevent breaches. THREE TPS TO BECOMING AN APPSEC HERO 1. Secure your applications: 2. Implement a comprehensive security policy: Lnla Compromised applications are the top cause of malicious data breaches. Create security policies to govern the way data is accessed, transmitted, stored throughout the organization. 3. Empower your developers: ON Educate developers on how to write secure applications. Provide developement teams with the resources to produce secure code, OFF Provide support as needed throughout developement. Presented by VERACODE Download our State of Software Security Report: Sources: Ponemon 2013 Cost of a Data Breach Report Veracode Data Loss Prevention Datasheet Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report Ponemon 2013 Post Breach Boom Report Ponemon Perceptions About Network Security Report urance ratesincreas Cost of purchased techno Lost time and pro Lost revenue A||||

The Real Cost of a Data Breach

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What happens when you let your application security posture go unchecked? Data breaches happen and with every breach comes a cost. As we’ve just witnessed in recent headlines regarding the five East...




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