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The Real Cost of AT&T Roaming Charges and How to Avoid Them

THE CO$T OF ROAMING FOR AT&T CUSTOMERS The cellphone giant, AT&T, continues to make policy changes and improve rate plans as more Americans opt to use AT&T for mobile services. Although much has changed since the days of roaming while in your own home, AT&T remains one of the most expensive carriers for using your cellphone internationally. Recently, AT&T launched two new international rate plans, which have been designed to give you a lower rate than the typical pay-per-minute plans: AT&T Global and AT&T Passport. Before you sign up for an additional plan, you need to know some basic information about AT&T and roaming. All nationwide AT&T The cost for nationwide roaming is only the plans indude roaming on all U.S. wireless usage of your minutes. For example, weekend roaming would be free on unlimited night and weekend plans whereas daytime networks. minutes would come from your allotted plan minutes. AT&T AND INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PAY-PER-MINUTE CHARGES AT&T still allows international roaming on a pay-per-minute basis. However, most modern devices carry with them the capability to use roaming for data transfer as welI, aka surfing the internet or checking social media. In Canada and Mexico, you will pay up to $1.00 per minute. You will also pay 1.5 cents for one KB of data, In most European countries, you will pay around $1.50 per minute for talking and 1.95 cents per KB of data usage. AT&T roaming rates for most countries vary, but many tend to be around $2.50 per minute. FOR REFERENCE 1KB = One KB is roughly equivalent to one page of typed information on a word processor excluding any colors or images. IF YOU'RE PLANNING AN INTERNATIONAL TRIP Some rates for traveling You can see AT&T exact costs for roaming and check to see whether your device is compatible with specific countries via the AT&T Travel Guide. $4.99 n countries may exceed $4.99 per minute and PER MINUTE exclude data use altogether. BASICS OF AT&T PASSPORT PLANS The AT&T Passport plan sounds great, but you will be looking at additional monthly charges, possible overage charges, and extra hassle. ONE-TIME CHARGE The one-time charge varies from $30 to $120 depending upon your selected plan, which will give you a discounted rate for roaming internationally in 150 countries. LIMITED WI-FI USE You will be limited to using Wi-Fi in specific countries only-35 countries. DOWNLOAD AT&T PASSPORT APP You will need to download the AT&T Passport app and register for access to the international Wi-Fi hotspots. OVERAGES FOR PLANS Overages for the plans are as follows: 25 cents per MB on the 120MB plan, 20 cents per MB on the 300MB plan, and 15 cents per MB on the 800MB plan. SMS ALL SMS AND MMS MESSAGES UNLIMITED However, all SMS and MMS messages are unlimited and not charged at an additional rate on the AT&T Passport Plan. PURCHASE PRIOR TO GOING ABROAD You must purchase the plan prior to going abroad, and each package lasts for 30-days from the effective day. CREDIT EVALUATION You will need to undergo a creditevaluation prior to purchasing AT&T passport. You may be denied a plan for payment history, length of service, or any other reasons that the company deems appropriate. SO HOW DO YOU AVOID THESE COSTS There are 2 simple solutions to avoiding these costs. You can unlock your phone through either your current carrier, or through a third party cell phone unlocking service, like UnlockBase. With an unlocked cell phone, you will have to purchase a SIM card when you land in the country you are visiting. Doing this will put you on a local network, which will eliminate any roaming charges you would have faced if you stayed on AT&T. The following criteria needs to be met for each option: UNLOCKBASE at&t UNLOCK YOUR PHONE FROM UNLOCKBASE UNLOCK YOUR PHONE FROM AT&T Your contra ct must be fulfilled If not, then an early termination fee must be agreed upon & paid Your phone cannot be reported lost or stolen Nor can it be involved in any fraudulent activity Your phone cannot be associated with more than 1 AT&Taccount If your phone was obtained through an early upgra de, the unlock cannot take place until 14 days have passed since the phone was activated Your phone cannot be reported lost or stolen Nor can it be involved in any fraudulent activity LINLOCKBASE %24

The Real Cost of AT&T Roaming Charges and How to Avoid Them

shared by UnlockBase on Feb 18
A great infographic for international travelers, or anyone dealing with AT&T's expensive roaming rates. Take a look to find out some additional plans AT&T offers, as well as, other options to avoiding...




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