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Reaching for the Skies

6 coverstory TOP 10 TALL TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2010 REACHING FOR THE SKIES *0 CHINA DAILY BUILDINGS IN CHINA Includes structure COUNTRIES WITH MORE THAN 100 SKYSCRAPERS Considering 140 mas the minimum height and antennae In just 30 years, tall towers are now seen as a way to showcase progress and might, as well as promote a city's images to tourists and transnational capital. Today, China boasts seven of the world's 15 tallest buildings- the United States has just three and is still leading in terms of constructing new ones. According to Antony Wood, executive director of the US-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, in just two years, 34 of the world's 100 tallest buildings will be in China. Canton Tower CHINA Guangzhou. 2010 D: 886 t's the second tallest building in US the world after the 822 Burj Khalifa in Dubai Bun (UAE) Japan 173 600 m TALLEST BUILDINGS IN CHINA BY DECADE UAE 137 Jardine House Tower, finished in 1973, is considered the first skyscraper in China. What followed was a three- decade, nationwide rush to build more, culminating in the Shanghai Tower, which in 2014 is expected to take the No 1 spot. Taipei 101 Taipei, 2004 CITIES THAT STAND TALLEST Combining heights of buildings over 100 m 333.8 World 5 The view from up there The car and the people in these illustrations have the same approximated proportions All the buildings in Hong Kong lined up tip to toe would stretch the length of Taiwan island 508 m as if you were looking down to the street from the top of the building Shanghai World 73 62 59.9 Financial Center 42.8 Shanghai, 2008 World 6 492 m UNDER CONSTRUCTION Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world ur behind the India Tower in Mumbai (720 m. scheduled to be completed in 2016) d under construction International Commerce Center Hong Kong, 201o The double skin This double layer of glass will make it a green building The space between the two pieces of glass will provide more insulation, keeping the building warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, 484 m Oriental Pearl TV Tower Shanghai, 1995 World 8 TALL BUILDINGS Shanghai Tower Shanghai. 2014 Architect Gensler Use Hotel, office and retail IN CHINA ARE BUILT FOR... 468 m 101 Oriental Pearl TV Tower Taipeo4 Shanghai 1995 Architect Shangnaral Architect C.Y, Lee & Partners Bank of China Tower Hong Kong, 1989 Architect LM. Pel & Partners Modern Use Office Office 41.5% Architectu Design Co. Ltd. Nanjing Greenland Financial Center Jardine House Tower Hong Kong 197 Architect P&T Group Lite Office changhaest Host of the deck ervationrd Use Telecommunications Use Office Nanjing. 2010 Tianjin TV World 11 Shangra Senuenore an the coun Residential 39.2% 450 m Guangzhou Shenzhen 2005 matnem Guangzhou International Finance Center ericultural Bank AChina Tower First skyscrape the Chunese Guangzhou, 201o Hotel 6.8% World 13 TALLEST BUILDINGS EVERY YEAR IN THE COUNTRY Buildings beyond year 2010 are under construction. They are placed in the year they are expected to be y are completed 438 m Jin Mao Building Shanghai, 1999 Shenyang Tiaryina 10 OF SKYSCRAPERS BUILT EVERY YEAR AND LOCATION World 16 NUMBERdings taler tha 140 m Cure Considering Tianjin 421 m Daging Beeeryane TOTAL 173 TOTAL 549 2010-2019 Tianjin Radio & TV Tower Tianjin, 1991 Changshal TOTAL 253 2000-2009 CHINA'S SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC FACTS TOTAL 33 1990-1999 TOTAL 1980-1989 vornd 18 1990 LJ433 2000362 1970-1979 415 m POPULATION Monpeo URBAN POPULATION Two International Finance Center LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH LITERACY Hong Kong, 2003 World 19 412 m GDP PER CAPITA Sources Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Gensler. World Bank Databank, National Population and Family Planning Commission of China XAN SABARIS / CHINA DAILY 179 m Other lacen 367 Tiewe For teterenc 468 508 632

Reaching for the Skies

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This infographic begins by providing a brief summary about skyscrapers around the world and China's leading industry in building the tallest buildings in the world. It shows how China's building indus...


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