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The Pulse of SXSW

BASIS PRESENTS The Pulse of SXSW We asked some movers, shakers and sleepers to use Basis over the course of SXSW to see how they compared for steps. sleep and heart beats in a typical day. PARTICIPANTS Michael Copeland Senior Editor Esther Dyson Technology advisor Dennis Crowley Founder. Foursquare Rob Scoble Startup Liasion Rackspace Wiredcom Matt Michelsen Matthew Brimer Co-Founder Nadeem Kassam Founder. Basis Jef Holove CEO. Backplane CEO, Basis General Assembly 24 HOURS AT SXSW A EARLIEST WAKE TIME @6.01AM:7 AM meeting © SXSWw? WTF?! AVERAGE WAKE TIME 9.01 AM NADEEM RUNNING LATE = @10.05 AM : HR 124bpm HIGHEST AM ACTIVITY PERIOD 10-11 AM: Getting to the 11 AM panels ESTHER TALKS THE PRESENT @10.57 AM: HR 67bpm ROBERT GRILLING JEF @1135 AM: Robert 86bpm | Jef 93bpm LATEST WAKE TIME @ 12:12 PM : Who had a late night? DENNIS DISCUSSING FUTURE M @2.45 PM : 98bpm A LOWEST PM ACTIVITY PERIOD 2-5 PM: Panels rest, recovery. MICHAEL MODERATING PANEL @335pm: 10lbpm MATT BEING AN IRONMAN @4.00 PM : 15lbpm A HIGHEST PM ACTIVITY PERIOD 7-8 PM : Bouncing between happy hours EARLIEST TO BED @l1.54 PM MAT THEW OUT ON THE TOWN @142 AM : 118bpm AVERAGE BEDTIME 2.34 AM : Last call in Austin? 2AM LATEST TO BED @5.43 AM: Just before dawn! WEEK 9760steps AVG MILES STEPS TAKEN AVERAGE: PER DAY: 4.8 miles Median steps per day: 9.626 Equals 6 trips across downtown Austin Daily Average: BREAK DOWN 12k 11.168 10611 steps steps 9.826 JOk 9.11 steps 8,686 steps ak steps Ok Mar 8 Mar 9 Mar 10 Mar 11 Mar 12 OTHER NOTEWORTHY STEPPERS 15.900 HIGH STEPPERS steps 14.400 14,300 | 14.200 steps steps 11.900 • Rob Scoble - 10,800 steps steps • Nadeem Kassam - 10700 Matthew Brimer Mar 10 Jef Holove Mar 8 Dennis Crowley Matt Michelsen Michael Copeland Mar 9 • Esther Dyson - 8170 Mar 11 Mar 10 HOURS SLEPT WEEK 6h 27m AVERAGE 72 AVERAGE: Median hours per night: 6h 45m SLEEP QUALITY: Short duration and restless nights Nightly Average: BREAK DOWN 8h 2m 8h 7h 23m 6h 25m 6h Im 6h 4h 21m 4h Oh night of. Mar 7 Mar 8 Mar 9 Mar 10 Mar 11 9h 22m8h 54m LONG 7h 58m SLEEPERS: 7h Om 6h 54m Mchael Copeland Matt Mchelsen Jef Holove Robert Scoble Esther Dyson SHORT 27m 4h 48m 6h 3m SLEEPERS: Robert Scoble Mathew Brimer Nadeem Kassam BASIS HEALTH CHALLENGE AT SXSW 2013 IN AUSTIN, TX BASIS WAKING ZONE COMMUTE AM PANELS PM PANELS DINNER

The Pulse of SXSW

shared by spacechimpmedia on Mar 28
Basis asked some popular SXSW movers, shakers and sleepers to use the Basis device to compare their steps, sleep and heart beats in a typical day at SXSW.


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