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Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Explained

Grasping the Difference Between Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Cloud computing options use virtualization to create flexible computing services that can be quickly deployed, scaled and linked together. All these cloud options are efficient, flexible and scalable! Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Shared • Open • Pay-per-use Dedicated• Secure • Fixed Cost Pick from the best of both worlds An easily deployed virtual server A secure virtual data center on A mix of dedicated infrastructure on a shared hosting infrastructure. your own dedicated infrastructure. and public cloud infrastructure. Cherry-pick the best infrastructure for your different services. Quickly or automatically scale your Servers and storage can be added servers according to workload. and scaled according to your needs. Pay-per-use for unlimited Planned resource capacity with fixed Keep data secure and control costs computing resource, storage costs and unmetered bandwidth. and resources with dedicated and bandwidth. infrastructure. - Choose a cloud with quality - Financial control and quick IT - Choose public or private cloud for service, engineering and response to business needs. each service according to its infrastructure! performance profile! + Choose carefully to avoid “noisy - Having IT control means you also + Requires IT architecture planning, neighbor" effect from sharing! need IT expertise and resources! support and expertise! What to buy - Guaranteed performance 'QoS' - Fast, redundant network Custom solutions and service - Easy deployment and scaling - Service reliability and support - Service reliability and support - SSD storage for faster servers - Hardware choice and quality - Hardware choice and quality - Quality cloud engineering - Virtualization software choice - Public cloud quality Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Pricing Variable Fixed Fixed + Variable Certain services or traffic spikes Pay-per-use bandwidth and scaling mean price Unmetered bandwidth and fixed hardware means are pay-per-use while core varies with traffic price doesn't vary with traffic services are fixed Proportion of cost 100% 100% VIRTUALIZATION COMPUTING (RAM/CPU) PUBLIC COMPONENT STORAGE DEDICATED SERVER TRAFFIC HOSTING PRIVATE COMPONENT 0% 0% Traffic Traffic Traffic Price Price Price Time (hours) Time (hours) Time (hours) Users and Uses Variable or low Consistently high workloads Diverse or optimizable workloads workloads + Web hosting - Websites + Complex applications - Development + Confidential data - Mixed internal and external services + Testing + Streaming - Spikey workloads Pay-per-use applications - High traffic applications + Insurance against traffic bursts + Business (internal) Cloud Benefits According to Cloud Users: 55% 49% 32% Increased efficiency Increased ability to Improved employee mobility innovate 31% 25% 24% Freed current IT Reduced IT Enabled us to offer staff for other operating costs new products/ services projects *Organizations that are implementing or maintaining cloud computing, n=479; respondents asked to select all that apply Migration to the Cloud Making a plan Piloting Migrating Migrated 17% 13% 15% 10% 18% 12% 10% 11% 13% 14% 16% 15% 12% 12% 14% 11% 12% 15% 10% 12% 11% 14% 11% 10% 25% 24% 20% 22% 22% 20% 22% 19% Office/ productivity suites Messaging Conferencing and Storage Computer Business Hosting internally developed software Governance power process application Collaboration applications externally Cloud Adoption Around the World COUNTRIES MAKING BIG STRIDES TO IMPROVE THEIR CLOUD READINESS #9 Canada #4 Germany #7 United Kingdom #1 #6 Japan #3 France United States Korea #10 #5 Italy Singapore Australia Source: BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS) will achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of The public cloud services market is forecast to grow 18.5% 41.3% by 2016* in 2013 to total $131 billion worldwide* Why Isn't Everyone Moving To The Cloud? Reasons for not adopting cloud 60.1% 45% 43.8% 42.1% 34.4% 24.5% 27.6% 24.5% Technology unknown Price Security Not well understood Incompatible Too complex with our applications Latency Other ** Results based on a survey of 720 respondents The iWeb Cloud: Power your ideas in The Canadian Cloud. Find the cloud solution that's right for you! Sources: * ** Results based on a survey conducted by IWeb for Canadlan and Spanish-speaking markets iweb Price/traffic || Price/traffic || Price/traffic

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Explained

shared by turners3000 on Dec 03
This infographic is a side-by-side comparison of the three cloud environments - Public, Private & Hybrid clouds - explained in human terms and backed up by the latest industry trends including enterpr...


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