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Prospecting to the IT Industry

What works in lead generation to IT professionals When it comes to lead generation, you could say that IT executives wear a bullseye. They are one of the most targeted groups for appointment setting because they implement solutions on behalf of nearly every function in their organizations. Here are some best practices for appointment setting with IT executives regardless of industry. Spend time crafting targeted voicemail and email messages Simply reaching an ITexecutive can be challenging because they tend to be more reclusive. For this reason, email and voicemail play even more important roles. On-target messaging is crucial and sales reps who know the existing technology envíronment of prospects will be more successful. Specific messaging also helps reps navigate IT's complex title structure, which leads to increased referrals. 32% 21* 20% 14* 15% 3% Call 1 Call 2 Call 3 Call 4 Call 5+ Inbound Referral Emall responsa How appointments are set Mondays, midday best time to reach an IT prospect To optimize sales reps' efforts, sales managers should consider the best days and times to reach a prospect 11-12M 12% 12.1 15% live. Mondays and Wednesdays are the most successful days to reach an IT prospect, and the lunch 10-11 11% hour is the best time for appointment setting. If you must call outside of business hours, calling after-hours is more fruitful than before work. 4-5 10% APTER MOII 23 TUE 18 WED 22 THU 20 FR 17 Fall and Spring most successful for campaigns IT executives are more open to lead generation the first four months of the year when goals are fresh and budgets are still unspent. The final months of the year also are strong for lead generation, as executives begin planning for the new year. +7% +7% +11% +11% +12% JAN 207 FEB 206 HAA 198 APA 197 JUL 215 AUG 226 SEP 196 NOV 222 DEC 203 JUN 241 TOUCHES TOUCHES TOUCHES TOUCHES OCT 248 TOUCHES TOUCHES TOUCHES TOUCHES 2% TOUCHES TOUCHES -12* НАY 300 Touches needed to score an appointment Varlation agalnst monthly anrualaverage of 222 touches TOUCHES -35* IT executives require greater effort for response Response rates in the IT industry are trending down as competitive dynamics in the industry make it more difficult to gain the attention of prospects. For this reason, lead generation requires professional persistence. 222 calls or emails JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJ JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJ JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJ 48 leads 7.2% 22% 23 accounts 22 conversations No interest rate Accounts to appointment conversion rate What it takes to get one appointment Directors and managers hold the purse strings Whiledirectors and managers have budget authority, other titles also champion decisions. Coordinator/Specialist Architect/Engineer/Developer 3% 5% 6% General Staff Director Vlaa President 30% 6% Other Admin/Analyst C-suite decision makers Схо Coo5 CISOB CEO 17 Manager 27h CTO 27* Appointments by titde CIo43* IT/Services drive most of the decisions Thegeneral IT/Services function accepts more than twice as many appointments compared to any other function. This is because they have insight into all IT projects and are an entry point to find the "real" project owners for technology decisions. Other Operations/Logistics BusIness Intelllgance Infrastructure/Storaga/Hardware 7% IT/Services 44% Exeautive/Strategy 10% Network/Security 14* Product Development/Applications/QA Appointments by function 17* O LEADJEN 1311 W. 96th Street O - 877-LEADJEN y leadjen_llc Suite 250 Indianapolis, IN 46260 Data is based an a shudy byLeadJen d lead generation campaignstargeting lists of IT executives aver athree-year periodfrom 201l through 2013 These recards includedmarethan 331.000 atrezhattemptsrealtinginnearly 1,500 qualified appcirtments with ITprofessionals, $55M miianin revenue generated and anadditional $20+milianinpipeline value S Salesvue Datapawered by Sadesve

Prospecting to the IT Industry

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What Works in Lead Generation to IT Professionals graphically presents best practices compiled from lead generation campaigns targeting IT professionals from 2011-2013, including more than 331,000 cal...


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