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The Promiscuity of Laptops + Smartphones + Tablets

When Mobile Devices Merge A LOOK AT THE E VOLUTI ON AND CROSSED DESTINIES OF LAPTOPS, TABLE TS AND SMARTPHONES Widely regarded as the first portable computer (despite its 5" screen on a 25 pound frame), the Osborne 1 was released in 1982, to notable commercial success 1989 was the year of the Machintosh Portable, which holds the reputation as world's first proper laptop. It wasn't quite successful on account of its $6,500 price tag, but within a couple of years, improved models would succeed in taking the market by storm, FUN FACT: The original smartphone was developed as early as in 1992! The IBM simon was clearly ahead of its time, with a touchscreen, data access, PDA functions, and exhorbitant cost ($899). The IBM Thinkpad 700 came out in 1992, featuring the world's first TFT color display. Past the turn of the millenium, laptops like the Dell inspiron 8200 had become quite affordable, ubiquitous and much closer to conventional desktop computers, in terms of processing power, t was in 2002 that Mic used with what would back then everyane tho it was a crazy, useless con Until The HP Compaq TC 1000 came out in 2002, hopin revolutionize the market with its convertible slate design and stylus input. However, it was bogge by sluggish hardware specs, This line of hybrids did few years, but never amounted product, The exact same concept would be reviveda full later by Asus, with considerably higher success more than bein Exhorbitant in cost but ripe with good timing, the iPhone would become the first universally regonized smartphone - selling 6 millions of units in 2007.. before completing its first year. Also in 2007, Asus ushered the era of tiny netbook computers with the eee PC 700. With less than half the bulk and cost of a regular laptop, this would be a whole new branch in the family tree of portable computers, T-Mobile G1, the world's first Android smartphone, was released circa 2008. Google 2008 is here; Apple reinvents the laptop with the ultra-thin, light-weight, but full-size MacBook Air. ... but it was only in 2009 the Galaxy Samsung S was announced; its third revision would become the first smartphone to outsell iPhone, SAMSUNG Alienware M15x, the world's first laptop to sport the powerful line of Inteli7 quad-core processors, came out late in 2009, Welcome to 2010. enter the original iPad.A legend was bom and suddently everyone and their uncle wants a tablet. Yup! Whether or not you're an Apple fan, you've got to admit it: those people have been leading innovators in mass consumer's tech, for a long while now, Powered by Android Honeycomb (the first version for tablets) and Tegra 2, the Motorola Xoom was one of the first tablets to tackle tablet, the Xoom's popularity was quite pale by comparison Since 2011, the Asus Transformer would become the world's first successfull laptop/tablet hybrid pulling off what had been attempted and failed just about a decade before Confident in their ability to carve new niches, Asus proceeded to launch the Padphone in 2012, 08:00- A smartphone that attaches to a tablet chassis, with optional keyboard dock; this is effectively the first device ever to combine the features of all three branches: laptop, tablet and smartphone, allin one. A glimpse of the future? As smartphones get closer to laptops in processing power, hybrids like the Padphone could become the norm. With its gigantic 5,3" screen and companion stylus, the Galaxy Note surfaced in late 2011 as the first "phablet" concept phone + tablet), with surprising commercial success, Tellu Bean MAG A INE Boasting the powerful Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip and relatively low cost, the Google Nexus 7 proved there's a market for smaller tablets, come 2012, a to be released in 2013, the Lenovo Yoga is one of the most interestinghybrids of its generation,,combining the versatility the usefulness of a laptop, through a rather elegant and practical fold-back design. of a tablet with Also in 2013, Microsoft is finally releasing the much hyped Surface, the Windows 8-based the tablet wars, boasting a cover that doubles as keyboard and allows this device to serve as a notebook, newcomer HUAWEI -1:00 PM Monday, January 07 2013 could be the year of the phablet (phone-tablet), as bigger than average smartphone models like rhe 6,1" Huawei Ascent Mate enter the market, soon to be matched by the similarly-sized Galaxy Note III, Brought to you by Dom's Tech Blog ( WHERE DOES IT GO FROM HERE Let us know your thoughts by writing them below! Sources: http://inventors,

The Promiscuity of Laptops + Smartphones + Tablets

shared by PedroCardoso on Mar 15
Have you noticed how laptops, tablets and smartphones now tend to merge together? We have, and here's proof!


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