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Programming languages that every developer needs to know

11 crucial programming languages C++ a web designer cannot live without JAVA SCRIPT НTML PHP JavaScript offers cross browser compatibility Prolog PL/SQL Java Objective-C Lua OpenEdge ABL Perl JavaScript Scala Visual Basic PostScript Clarion АВАР Scratch ActionScript Fortran Haskell Dart Delphi Pascal Assembly Python PL/I ML Go CT Groovy Mathematica Transact-SQL Scala QLogo COBOL Swift MATLAB Lisn FoxD Yacc ColdFusion An iOS developer cannot do without Objective C IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE A DYNAMIC AND CLICK RESPONSIVE WEBSITE WITHOUT PHP C++ an updated version of C language can be depended upon for every C++ programming need C Apple has released a new language called Swift for developing iPhone apps. Swift Coding a specific function with Python. 2 python requires just a 2 to 3 line code. Such is its compact nature Perlisalanguage which enables to create reports from tert file inputs Developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990's Java isa langquage which is used for writing Android apps Ruby HTM Web developers depend on Ruby for creating high end websites C# is alanguage required for writing appS for windows phones Structured Query Language SQL or SQL is the oldest language for programming queries CODE WEB DEVELOPMENT 1Xperts Infosoft JAVA DTCL

Programming languages that every developer needs to know

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Do you understand all about programming languages used for developing mobile apps? No? You should know then. Even if you are not a developer you should at least have an idea about these languages. Hav...



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