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Product Hunt: Disrupting the Tech and Startup Space P Product Hunt DISRUPTING THE TECH AND STARTUP SPACE What Exactly Is Product Hunt? • Product Hunt is a free online community for product-loving enthusiasts to share the latest websites, tech creations, mobile apps, and hardware projects, tools, and services > Visitors are encouraged to discuss the latest and greatest new items in tech B reddit digg - Product Hunt is similar to Reddit, Digg, and Hacker News but it's specifically for products HN How It Started: From Email Experiment to Growing Online Community Though the email was basic, Hoover discovered people were paying attention Founder Ryan Hoover wanted to build a Unsure if others would really use a service like this, Hoover created an email community for product people to share, discover, list on the link-sharing tool Linkydink and discuss new and interesting products P. Soon, the email list saw tens of thousands of subscribers and positive feedback Within 2 weeks, more than 170 people had subscribed to product discoveries from 30 hand-picked contributors, consisting of startup founders, VCs, and prominent bloggers Over Thanksgiving break in 2013, Hoover's friend, General Assembly product manager Nathan Bashaw, built the first version of the real Product Hunt 7.5M Since then, Product Hunt has received $7.5 million in 4 rounds from 19 investors Product Hunt boasts more than 4,007 products 15,795 comments 71,842 upvotes 29,021 subscribers *As of June 24th, 2014 and seen rapid growth How It Works Every day, people link to their new favorite applications, games, software, or services P Product Hunt Search for featured products Login TECH GAMES BOOKS COLLECTIONS LIVE TODAY 447 225 People can then upvote and comment on items P Product Hunt Search for featured products Login PEOPLE 3027855 Results TODAY 447 They can follow other Product Hunt subscribers P Product Hunt Search for featured products Login TECH GAMES BOOKS COLLECTIONS LIVE FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW CURRENTLY, THERE ARE FIVE TABS ON THE PRODUCT HUNT PAGE Tech is the homepage that houses the latest tech products and services TECH Still in the beta stage, games houses the latest games and gaming products GAMES Still in the beta stage, books houses new books, re-releases, and unknown gems BOOKS • Books span genres from tech to business, graphic novels, and spiritual books • Each day there are AMAS with authors Collections includes curated groupings of products and services such as: COLLECTIONS • Best of (any given month) Great Books for Entrepreneurs • No Pain, No Gain Games • Apps for Gmail Product Hunt subscribers can bookmark and curate their own collections Live chats with makers, authors, investors, entrepreneurs, tech pundits, and more LIVE Tips to Get the Most Out of Product Hunt = Stick to new stuff • Remember, Product Hunt is for new or relatively unknown products Share only post-launch products O Product Hunt • Products that are available to use, download, or purchase take priority • Anything that hasn't launched rarely makes the homepage Taglines matter • Post clear, succinct taglines that describe the product O Product Hunt Avo buzzwords and cliché descriptions O Product Hunt Start the conversation • After posting a product, add a comment to kick off discussion Don't repost • Once posted, products cannot be reposted • If a product has a significant update or change, then it can be reposted by contacting [email protected] Check out the most upvoted O Product Hunt 985 > To see products with the most upvotes, type * into the searchbar Post earlier in the day • For every hour earlier a product is posted, expect 8.7% more upvotes Why You Should Consider Product Hunt For Your Product and to Discover New Ones FREE It draws a passionate audience with potential Though it's relatively new, it's already attracted more than $7 million in investment funding. Product Hunt is free. influencers and investors. Products reach an Product hunters can and It's always active and posts new products every day. will comment on products. Makers can use that audience of more than 29,000 subscribers. criticism to evolve their products. Whether you'd like to share your own product or someone else's, or discover new books, products, services, and more, Product Hunt is the place for the latest and greatest stuff. Brought to you by: In Partnership with: SUREPAYROLL A Paychex® Company GHERGICH&Co.

Product Hunt: Disrupting the Tech and Startup Space

shared by Ghergich on Oct 20
Product Hunt is the latest startup to take off. Product Hunt is a free online community where new products can be featured. Everything from apps to websites are listed on the site. Learn all about Pro...



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