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Printing in a Whole New Dimension

PRINTING IN A WHOLE TMeo DIMENSION LEARN HOW 3D PRINTING CAN SAVE TIME AND MONEY FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS ACCORDINC TO AUTHOAS AT Michigan Technological Universily. home 3D printer can provide a return on investment of 200-400% and can save the average home up to $2,000 in avoided purchase costs a year! WHAT IS 30 PAIDTING ? Data is read from a digital drawing produced from CAD or modeling software. The printer layers liquids, powders, and sheet materials, fusing them together to make the final product shape. MakerBot Factory in Brooklyn is using to at a rate of z0 lminnles per device. Traditional Manufacluring 3D Printing A DDITIVE PROCESSES SUBTRACTIVE PROCESSES • Cutting, drilling, milling to reach final product • Can be wasteful • Multiple layers of materials fused to make the final object • New, untapped market HOW MUCH ? You can't print 3D money, but you can save BIG! What's a 3D investment going to save your small business? Machine Cost UCDavis Case Sludy Professional printers sell for $5,000 on up FROM A SUPPLIER Purchase of 6 plastic lab combs from supplier: $300 ($51 ea ) SLA PRINT IN-HOUSE Cost to 3D print 6 plastic lab combs in-house: $1.26 ($0.21 ea ) 3D Printer: $1,524.62 Plastic for 3D Printer: $42/kg SUABO SLAR Personal units cost between $500-$2,000 Whoa davings! • Savings recouped 18% of the cost of the printer in one job • Printing was 1/234th the cost to order • Product was printed and ready to use in a matter of minutes • Customized CAD design fit the mold better than the supplier produced combs affondabilily • Reduce inventory • No requirement to order in bulk • No storage costs • Cut material costs by using additive processes 000 By 2016, enterprise-class 3D printers may cost less than a computer. UHAT CAN TAEY PAIRT ? PROT ? Everyday Sluff Esbraordinary Things ON-DEMAND PARTS BODY PARTS Replacement parts for appliances and machinery Already printing collagen ears! So what's next - organs and bones? MOONBASE NASA is set to send the first 3D printer into CUSTOM PRODUCTS Phone cases, clothes, jewelry, shoes, bicycles, kitchen utensils space in 2014 to construct a moonbase PROTOTYPES HOUSE Shoe prototypes to check the style and fit before production 3D construction on a two-story house to be printed in concrete is set to start in 2014 CARS Urbee hybrid car = est. mpg city/hwy: 100/200 WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS? ARCHITECTS CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS • 3D prototypes for client pitches during the design phase • Replicate (and keep on file) building parts like windows and fixtures • Ideal solution for high-priced objects produced in low volume • Test new product concepts quickly and cheaply • Clear communication tool from clients to contractors • Tangible renderings to aid in creating the perfect design 30 PROJECTS FOR VOUR CLIENT ? Looking for as special way to say "thank you"? 3D printing is the most innovative way to do that. Wow your customers with these simple prints. The possibilities are endless. • Personalized confections as a company thank you • Small-scale product prototypes • Phone covers with company logo CETTINE STARTED TOP PRINTERS GET THE RIGHT SOFTWARE TAKE A CLASS MakerBot Replicator 2 Fusion 360 Skillshare/Shapeways Type A Machines Series 1 Inventor, 123D Maker Training Camps Cubify CubeX Tinkercad Take advantage of companies such as Shapeways or Sculpteo who print your 3D designs and ship them to you. Stratasys Objet24 SO, WHAT'S THE DIG DEAL? $3.7 billion industry by 2015 and over $6.5 billion by 2019 The 3D printer industry is expected to see an annual growth nate of 26* 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Visit |NESHAPESPACE.COM Sources: LINE/SHAPE/SPACEé-46ozywer-20o1zvolume-29dasuo-sapage-g6ospage-364:aulasat-Kaur:type-o,217,2420140,00.asp "Is Print Dead? Not in 3-D."Mechanical Engineering 134, no. 9 (September 2012): 12. Academic Search Premier, EBscohost (accessed August 14, 2013).,2817,2394720,00.nap stories/nasa sending worlds-hret 3 d printer into epace 1130814o0729_1Jhtmi ltechyhome-3-d-printers-to-make-things-you-need-or-just-like.html?pagewanted-alle_r-o A AUTODESK. hetp:// printing-201307a,036779 huttp://,2817,2420140,00.asp e-home-up-to-200o-a-year/

Printing in a Whole New Dimension

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This infographic showcases the uses, costs and possibilities of 3D Printing for small businesses





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