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Print to Fit: How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing Haute Couture

PRINT TO FIT: HOW 3D PRINTING IS REVOLUTIONIZING HAUTE COUTURE Ideas are freeing themselves from the boundaries of imagination and becoming concrete realities every day. Not only is 3D printing bringing more eco-friendly cars to the road, it's revolutionizing medical treat- ment with prosthetics and organs. Through their unlimited potential, 3D printers are also contributing to art and proving themselves to be the missing link between the impossible and the possible. Here's a look at what's happening in the fashion world: PROTOTYPING & PRODUCTION 3D printing in the arts began as an efficient technology for high end, customized vases, lights and jewelry. With advancements in technologies and new materials, 3D printing has since become an integral part of the entire design and production process. PROTOTYPING PROCESSES PLASTIC JET PRINTING (PJP) • Thermoplastic material is jetted layer by layer to build a model. • For small production of parts resistant to high temperatures, mechanical stress & chemical degradation. SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING (SLS) • High powered lasers fuse plastic powders, layer by layer. • For larger production of strong and heat resistant pieces. PRODUCTIONS NOOKA NOOKA Prototyped with PJP and manufactured with SLS, Nooka teamed up with Cubify to create high fashion watches with unique, stylistic 3D printed bands. PQ EYEWEAR 3D printed in a single piece, these eyeglasses were designed by Ron Arad to eliminate the fuss of traditional hinges. THE FUTURE: CUSTOM FIT FACE SCAN Measuring the bridge of your nose & the width of your face for the perfect custom frame. HAUTE COUTURE Digital design and 3D printing has inspired artists, designers and architects to break traditional barriers and create visually stunning, functional products. IRIS VAN HERPEN: REVOLUTION IN FORM A mastermind in the world of fashion and technology, designer Iris Van Herpen has created clothing that not only challenges traditional material like cotton Groundbreaking for new and polyester- she has used metal and magnets to create ideas using 3D printing technology. shoes and garments that harmonize the chaos of nature. IRIS VAN HERPEN'S DESIGNS GROUNDBREAKING FOR NEW IDEAS USING 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY. "HACKING INFINITY" SPRING 2015 COLLECTION UNITED NUDE: ARCHITECTURAL INSPIRATION IN FASHION Going beyond the conventional in footwear, designer Zaha Hadid has raised the bar (and heel) of materials and proportions in 3D printed fashion. Her shoes are one of a kind, resembling wave-like movements, with rotation molding engineering techniques, and a steady THE CORAL SHOE emphasis on comfort. THE FUTURE OF FASHION MEDICAL FASHION: BESPOKE BACK BRACES A huge part of growing up is fitting in with one's peers. For kids with chronic scoliosis, the back brace has been a source of embarrassment for decades. However, through the modern miracle of 3D printing, 3DSystems has created a program that creates custom, beautiful back braces that can be worn easily (and secretively) under clothing. FABRIC & TEXTILE PRINTING 00000 0000007 Although still in the experimental phase, designers want to bring 3D printed fashion to the masses. Using material that allows fabrics to move with the human body and not restrict it, they are exploring properties like opacity, flexibility and stretch. The next step? Custom fabrics grown around each individual's body shape! DIY FASHION Bringing high end fashion to the comfort of your home via 3D printers, United Nude's designer Rem D Koolhaas (nephew of the famous architect) has made it possible to print the new "Float" shoe in 3 separate pieces, and assemble it for a beautiful and eye-catching look. 3D printers in the comfort of your studio, office or home, are faster and more affordable than traditional methods of purchase or production. The complexity this technology enables has broken barriers in fashion and the impossible is being achieved with digital design and 3D printing. Be a part of the forward-thinking movement with a 3D printer in your home, and reap the benefits of incredible innovations at your fingertips! BDSYS TEMS SOURCES rrrr rrr * * 2. * * **

Print to Fit: How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing Haute Couture

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The future is now! How many times has that phrase rung true with new technological innovations on the market? With its beginning in prototyping for the private sector, followed by its release to the ...







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