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Practical Applications For Virtual Reality

YOURSELF IMMERSE in a new heality EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES IN VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) AND AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) ARE CHANGING LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Whats neally the difference? VIRTUAL REALITY AUGMENTED REALITY Surrounds you in a digital Adds an extra layer of world with simulated people, objects, and environment interactive 3D content to your actual surroundings Using a headset you can be transported to another place Using see-through glasses, you are visually connected and/or time with a 360° view to the environment around you According to a 2015 survey from Touchstone Research and Greenlight VR: Researchers asked people about Virtual Reality and 95% of respondents were aware of VR had actually Only 35% tried it VR & AR arent just for video games THESE TECHNOLOGIES ARE SHIFTING HOW PEOPLE EXPLORE THE WORLD AROUND THEM EVERY DAY! EDUCATION HEALTHCARE Classroom Field Trips with Exposure Therapy (ET) and Cog- nitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) VR tools can stimulate anxiety-in- ducing stimuli that can help patients overcome anxieties in a safe, con- trollable environment Google Expeditions Students can embark on a 360° virtual tour of Verona, Italy, the set- ting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, or tour the American Museum of Natural History Medicine University Tours with YouVisit High school students can experience 1,000+ schools in VR AR can supplement medical training to help reduce errors and ultimately save more lives from Yale to Texas Tech 30 CURRENT EVENTS REAL ESTATE Journalists are using VR to bring POV experiences to current 360° VR open houses for luxury homes allow clients to check out many homes and narrow down the field before actually visiting the premises events The New York Times has its own app for VR storytelling that debuted witha feature on the international refugee crisis .. IIII How long will we have to wait before everyone is shopping for houses in VR? REAL ESTATE ALREADY HAS ACCESSIBLE VR OPTIONS: GOOGLE GOOGLE STREET VIEW CARDBOARD Visit city and suburb streets you've never set foot on vla Google StreetVlew Inexpensive device that allows people to experlence the VR world by simply slipping their phone Into a cardboard case BUT WHAT'S NEXT? BY 2020 THE MARKET FOR VIRTUAL REALITY HARDWARE MAY HIT $2.8 BILLION PROPERTY TOURS Soon anyone will be able to "walk" around a prospective new home with VR equlpment BUSINESS Potentlal buyers wll be able to tour architectural renderings More house hunting wll reduce pre-constructlon the stress of relocatlon to a new city across the country or abroad wll be reduced CAPTURING ALL THE SENSES HAPTIC TECHNOLOGY Developments are belng made ENHANCEMENTS to stimulate the senses of smell and taste, such as home The sclence of touch allows baked cookles or users to see thelr own hands freshly cut lemons In the virtual world so they can open doors and feel sensatlons THE QUESTION REMAINS: Can a VR toun of your new home replace a neal life experience? SOURCES: HTTP://wwW.NYTIMES.COM/2015/09/29/TECHNOLOGY/GOOGLE-VIRTU- AL-REALITY SYSTEM-AIMS-TO-ENLIVEN-EDUCATION.HTML?_R-0 HTTP://MOBILE.NYTIMES.COM/2016/02/14/REALESTATE/VIRTUAL-REALI- TY-TO-SELL-HOMES.HTML?_R-0&REFERER-HTTP://M.FACEB .COM HTTP://FORTUNE.COM/2015/09//09/VIRTUAL-REALITYREAL-ESTATE/. HTTP://wwW.NBCNEWS.COM/FEATURE/FRESHMAN-YEAR/VIRTU- AL-OPEN-HOUSE-HOW-OCULUS-RIFT-COULD-CHANGE-TOURS-FOREVER-N380401 HTTPS://wwW.METAVISION.COM/MEET-META HTTP://wwW.AMNH.ORG/EXPLORE/NEWS-BLOGS/NEWS-POSTS/MUSE- UM-JOINS-WITHGOOGLE-TO-LAUNCH-VIRTUAL-REALITY-VISITS HTPTECh USINE Nanele Ovo6/VIRTUAL-REALITY-THERAPY-TREATING-THE-GLOBAL-MENTALHEALTH-CRISIS/ R.COM/MRTUAL-REALITYHEADSET-SALES EXPLODE-2015-4 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING HTTP://MASHABLE.COM/2015/12/30/VIRTUAL-REALITY-IN-2016/4ZHAIMHQMZSOW

Practical Applications For Virtual Reality

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