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Powering the World:

SURFACE AREA REQUIRED TO POWER THE WORLD WITH ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS AND WITH SOLĀR ALONĖ BOXES TO SCALE WITH MAP 1980 (based on actual use) 207,368 SQUARE KILOMETERS O 2008 (based on actual use) 366,375 SQUARE KILOMETERS Areas are calculated based on an assumption of 20% operating efficiency of collection devices and a 2000 hour per year natural solar input of 1000 watts per square meter striking the surface. These 19 areas distributed on the map show roughly what would be a reasonable responsibility for various parts of the world based on 2009 usage. They would be further divided many times, the more the better to reach a diversified 2030 (projection) 496,805 SQUARE KILOMETERS infrastructure that localizes use as much as possible. The large square in the Saharan Desert (1/4 of the overall 2030 required area) would power all of Europe and North Required area that would be needed in the year 2030 is shown as one large square in the key above and also as distributed around the world relative to use and available sunlight. Africa. Though very large, it is 18 times less than the total area of that desert. > The definition of "power" covers the fuel required to run all electrical consumption, all machinery, and all forms of transportation. It is based on the US Department of Energy statistics of worldwide Btu consumption and estimates the 2030 usage (678 quadrillion Btu) to be 44% greater than that of 2008. Area calculations do not include magenta border lines. LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE

Powering the World:

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Surface area required to power the world- with zero carbon emissions and with solar alone.




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