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The Power of Analytics

THE POWER OF ANALYTICS WIPRO Applying Thought A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by Wipro, finds a strong relationship between earnings growth and strategic use of data. Charts below are based on information contained in the EIU report - The Data Directive, which was commissioned by Wipro. ADAPTING TO A DATA-DRIVEN WORLD IN THE ERA OF BIG DATA. "Everyone has been learning about it, figuring out what it can do, but for most companies, they haven't done it yet. This is the breakout moment.' of executives expect the range 74% and types of data they collect to expand in the next 2 years. KENNETH CUKIER, THE ECONOMIST'S DATA CORRESPONDENT - interviewed for the report But there are some key hurdles. Top three barriers to better data use: DATA OVERLOAD WORRIES OVER DATA QUALITY LACK OF SKILLS Meet John, the chief marketing officer (CMO) of a global consumer goods firm, along with his colleagues Paulo, the chief financial officer (CFO), and Meilin, the chief operating officer (CO0). John, CMO Paulo, CFO Meilin, Co0 THEIR GOALS: 1. DELIVER GROWTH 2.89 CONTROL COSTS 3. RISK MANAGEMENT To make sense of all the information, data analytics and information management has a fundamental role to play in delivering these goals. Quite simply, as The Data Directive study reveals, for many companies, the real data revolution still lies ahead. Key functions, from marketing to finance, are uncovering many benefits from embracing data analytics. 1. DELIVER GROWTH CASE STUDY "Data is helping me understand my customers better." At Anheuser-Busch, the John, CMO global beer giant, data is being used to help find the optimal assortment, knowing which SKUS will perform better, best display options and placement of drinks for any given store, 50% 40% Proportion of CMOS who have increased The proportion who've increased sales to maximise sales. customer understanding CMOS say data has the greatest potential Increasing cross-selling Optimising marketing mix Improving pricing optimisation 33% 27% 27% to make a difference in efforts 2.00 CONTROL COSTS CASE STUDY "Data is helping me control costs by creating a more efficient business, and better supply chain." One global Fortune 100 chemicals giant is using Meilin, Coo new data to calculate how project demand is affected by price shifts, and what implications this holds for the company's capacity and costs. 49% Improving operational efficiency 34% Better supply chain performance CO0s say data has the greatest potential to Delivering Improving inventory Improving 32% 32% 24% process innovation resource usage make a difference in management 3. RISK MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY "With data, finance can improve both profitability and risk management.' At NXP, data has led to a much-improved approach to risk management. The improved amount of visibility on the markets, competitors, Paulo, CFO C. suppliers and customers as a result of data has given them the opportunity to 32% 24% spot risk ahead of time. Improve profitability Better financial risk management CFOS say data has the greatest potential to Improving Improving Identifying 24% 23% corporate reporting/ dashboards financial risk 21% cost make a difference in management efficiencies In a data-driven world, those C-suite leaders able to master data analytics will use this to expand the gap between them and their rivals. Leam more about the power of analytics

The Power of Analytics

shared by Wipro on May 14
A new study by the economist intelligence unit, commissioned by Wipro, finds a strong relationship between earnings growth and strategic use of data.




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