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Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

PORTRAT 8.2 billion Average mobile network downstream 1,387 hand-held mobile speed in 2013 KILOBITS PER SECOND devices are expected to be active by 2018, generating an average of More than double the speed in 2012 OF A Growth in global media data in 2013, with over a billion mobile connections added. 2.7 GB MOBILE 81% half of traffic per month - 5x more than the CONSUMER 529MB in 2013. Of mobile media users consume media via a second 65% screen while browsing the web, 69% of them completing a purchase. 1. CLOUD AND MOBILE DATA 2013 In 2018 90% of mobile traffic will come from cloud applications, compared to 82% at the end of 2013. It is expected to grow at an annual compound rate of 64% between 2013 and 2018. 2014 The increase in the use of 4G allows for easier access to all forms of 2015 content from anywhere, across multiple devices. 2016 MOBILE NON-CLOUD TRAFFIC IP Voice, File Sharing, File/App Downloading 2017 MOBILE CLOUD TRAFFIC Video/Audio Streaming, Online Gaming, Social Networking, Web Browsing, Online Storage 2018 Machine-to-machine Growth & Migration from 2G to 3G & 4G, and number of connections. 2. MOBILE COMMERCE 2013 2016 By 2018, m-commerce sales are estimated to reach $626 billion, almost equalling global 2018 $626 2014 e-commerce in 2013 - $638. BILLION 2015 2017 30% of current e-commerce transactions in Japan come from mobile. 30% 2G 3G 4G Operators are likely to begin offering mobile broadband packages similar to current fixed packages as network capacity and number of multiple-device users increases. More than 50% of Amazon consumers 50% completed a purchase on a mobile device in 4Q13, and Black Friday 2013 saw a 115% growth in the use of PayPal as payment method. 3. MOBILE IN RETAIL Contactless technologies - NFC (Near Field Communication) & QR codes - are being used by retailers to create a more interactive in-store experience, and for increased payment efficiency, including the redemption NFC ready point-of-sale terminals are expected to increase from 6.7million to 44.6million by 2017. of vouchers and accumulation of points. Currently the main focus of m-commerce is on point of transaction, but is expected to diversify to assist with the overall retail outing - for example, travelling to destination & parking. 90% of consumers already use their smartphones for pre-shopping activities, including location and opening hours of a business. 2012 2013 2014 ENABLEMENT WALLET VALUE ADDED SERVICES CONTACTLESS PAYMENT Ecosystem Colaboration technical development ADOPTION AND SCALE RETAIL / IN THE CITY TRANSPORTATION Value Proposition Specialised Knowledge Consistent Approach Simplicity for Consumers ACCESS PARKING LOYALTY AND COUPONS EVENING AND NIGHT TIME 4. MOBILE VISUALS 18 Vocabulary is shifting from text to visual. Increasingly, consumers are using their mobile devices to curate a visual gallery of their desired lifestyle. And by 2018 mobile video is expected to generate over 69% of mobile data traffic. I MOBILE FILE SHARING (2.9%) I MOBILE M2M (5.7%) I MOBILE AUDIO (10.6%) I MOBILE WEB / DATA (11.7%) I MOBILE VIDEO (69.1%) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 5. BUSINESSES AND MOBILE O ONSUMERS THE POWER SHIFTS in Using social media, brands want to bridge the gap between friendship and commerce by becoming more personalised and To Businesses and consumers alike want to benefit from the increasing use of data mining by offering a more personalised approach. Some businesses are already trialling 'ambient commerce', anticipating consumer needs and providing goods and services automatically. localised. capture imaginations, brand experiences expected to become more immersive. consumers' 8* f are AVERAGE TRUST LEVELS OF INTERNET USERS IN SOURCES OF RECOMMENDATIONS OR ADVERTISING Recommendations from people I know 92% Consumer opinions posted online 70% Editorial content 58% Branded Websites 58% Emails I signed up for 50% Ads on TV 47% Brand sponsorship 47% Ads in magazines 47% Bilboards or outdoor advertising 47% Ads in newspapers 46% Ads on radio 42% Ads before movies 41% TV programme product placeboemts Ads served in search engine results 40% 40% Online video ads 36% Ads on social networks 36% Online banner ads 33% Display ads on mobile devices Text ads on mobile phones 33% 29% 1.23 BILLION ACTIVE Faceb OOK USERS EXPECTED PERCENTAGE OF RIVAL GROWTH IN 2014 Luxury Goods 113% Household 129% Tools and Goods 22% Home 48% Clothing and Apparel 69% Books 90% Consumer 123% Electronics Sporting Goods Pet 15% Supplies By using group purchasing and comparison sites, consumers are much more informed than ever before, which means they can be more selective with their purchases. Businesses will have to adapt to be more efficient in responding to consumer demands. 6. LIFESTYLE & ENVIRONMENT Consumers are willing to spend more on ethically and environmentally sourced products. In 2013, Global Warming and Climate Change were the 3rd most common English phrases used online. By May 2013 more than 50 billion Apple apps had been downloaded, and in October of the same year more than 1 million apps became available, increasingly focusing in more niche areas. Cameras on smart devices becoming useful for diagnosing medical conditions, through apps, which help with self-diagnosis, or send pictures to medical experts who diagnose and offer treatment course RESOURCES | Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update | Goldman & Sachs Ecommerce Research 2013 | Mobile Commerce in Retail | Top Consumer Trends for 2014 | Trends for 2014 | Marketing the Future Trends of Consumer Behaviour | Five Customer Behaviour Trends for 2013 | 3 Trends in Consumer Behaviour | Six Trends That Will Shape Consumer Behaviour This Year | Two Thirds of Mobile Media Consumers Use a Second Screen | 10 Trends Shape Consumer Mindset Behaviour 2014 vouchercloud | Consumer Trends

Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

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Portrait of a Mobile Consumer – An infographic by the team at vouchercloud





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