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Popular PHP Frameworks 2015

Popular PHP Frameworks 2015 Laravel Codelgniter sf Symfony 2 CakePHP Phalcon Popularity In Personal Projects Users Most Suitable For 2000+ Beginner Intermediate Advanced Laravel Laravel Codelgniter Codelgniter Symfony 2 Symfony 2 CakePHP CakePHP Phalcon Phalcon Average Community Size Laravel Codelgniter Symfony 2 CakePHP Phalcon 30k 10k 30k 20k 10k Speed Security Slow Normal Fast Really fast Low Normal High Laravel Laravel Codelgniter Codelgniter Symfony 2 Symfony 2 CakePHP CakePHP Phalcon Phalcon Laravel Codelgniter Symfony 2 CakePHP Phalcon Hierarchy MVC MVC/HMVC MVC MVC/HMVC MVC Current Version 5.1.6 3.0.0 2.7 3.0.0 2.0.5 Used by Drupal ExpressionEngine PyroCMS Croogo Wildflower Laracasts PhalconEye OctoberCMS Joomla Yona CMS phpBB OvenCMS Baklava Required Modules OpenSSL Mbstring -mbstring mcrypt openssl none •json Intl ctype mbstring Tokenizer PDO PHP Custom Modules No No No phalcon No Minimum PHP 5.5.9 5.2.4 5.3.9 5.4.16 5.3 on Linux 5.4 on Mac Released in June, 2011 February, 2006 October, 2005 April, 2005 November, 2012 Written in PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP + C Integrated ORM Eloquent ORM Doctrine oIntegrated Doctrine Integrated DataMapper Gas License MIT MIT MIT MIT LNew BSD Laravel - Although it started only in 2012, today Laravel is unanimously the most popular PHP application in the world. It pro- vides a simple, clean and readable code, built on several Symfony components. The latest versions of Laravel come as Composer packages, which makes their installation, update and management much easier. Its main advantage is that it has virtually all fea- tures of most PHP Frameworks combined: native MYSQL and PostGre support, PDO support, REST client and server support for simple HTTP connections between machines and many more. Codelgniter - This micro-framework owes its popularity to its unmatched flexibility, multiple features and comprehensive documentation. Developers really love it as it gives them the freedom to code by only providing the very base. It is also light and simple, which makes applications running on it much faster and less resource-consuming. It is also very appropriate for beginner PHP developers as it is easy to use and has thorough maintenance. Codelgniter is loosely based on Model-view-controller (MVC) and ExpressionEngine so knowledge in this field helps. Symfony 2 - Symfony is a high-performance Object-relational mapping framework, with great scalability and development control. It provides a set of reusable and stand-alone PHP components, from which you can select to build a foundation of your application. Although the Symfony documentation is incredibly extensive, developers need some time to get accustomed to this framework due to its directory-heavy nature and third party components. Symfony facilitates fast application build-up and main- tenance as it tries to eliminate repetitive coding tasks. o o CakePHP - Another leading ORP framework, CakePHP offers a wide variety of reusable plugins and comprehensive class inheritances. A leading choice for blog websites among PHP Frameworks, this one allows a fast creation of base functionality, however it might not be as flexible or easy to learn as some of the other frameworks. On the other hand, many plugins you might need are already built-in: database access, authentication, translators and many security components. For some operations Cake uses too much code, which might slow down the performance. Cake Phalcon - If you need high performance, Phalcon is a Framework you might want to look into. Written in Zephir - a hybrid lan- guage which is based on PHP and C and is used to write PHP extensions which are compiled to native C, Phalcon is very light and reduces server resource usage.This framework is also highly optimizable, at the same time one of the easiest to learn. Still, you might need to know C and CLI basics for more out-of-the-box projects. Compared to most other frameworks, Phalcon has less features. Also, most hosting providers don't host it on shares servers it as it requires special setup. Fortunately, WebHostFace servers are configured for a smooth Phalcon performance. Used Sources Designed by: "Most popular and watched PHP projects". webhostface Service always comes with a smiling face

Popular PHP Frameworks 2015

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PHP is one of the most popular writing languages in today’s coding world. The reasons why, by latest statistics - it is preferred by 82% of the world’s web server software for its flexibility, dat...




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