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Police Drones: Technology Takes Crime Fighting To New Heights

DRONES WHAT IS A DRONE? An autonomous unmanned aircraft. No, your model airplane is not a drone! DRONE TECHNOLOGY The U.S. Military has been using drones for intelligence since the Vietnam War POLICE Police drones are smaller and lighter.. and getting cheaper all the time The FAA estimates 7,500 drones will fly in the U.S. airspace by 2018 and 10,000 by 2020 More than 150 types of drones are being developed for domestic use The drone industry is expected to be worth $6 billion annually within the next few years Drone manufacturing and operation could create 100,000 new jobs within 10-15 years DRONE SURVEILLANCE IS INEXPENSIVE AND CAN BE USED FOR: DISASTER RELIEF SEARCH & RESCUE TRACKING CRIMINALS BORDER PROTECTION DRUG ENFORCEMENT TIME-SENSITIVE MISSIONS SUCH AS HOSTAGE SITUATIONS DRONE POLITICS UP IN THE AIR The 4th Amendment Protects Americans from "unreasonable searches or seizures" Drone technology is developing faster than legislation can be written to regulate it THE 33 STATES INTRODUCED DRONE PRIVACY LAWS IN 2013 DRONE SURVEILLANCE PRIVACY CONCERNS: Some are concerned that drone surveillance is too "Big Brother" Big data collection by police could create a "Surveillance Society" Drone surveillance data from a search and rescue could be cross-purposed to find criminals The Supreme Court has yet to decide whether drone surveillance violates 4th Amendment rights DRONE DANGERS ***** Because drones are robots, they are susceptible to hackers, viruses, and hijacking Drones have nearly collided with commercial aircrafts US Air Flight 1549 crashed just from hitting a bird! POLICE Police drones have crashed CONSERVATION WHERE DRONES SOAR NOAA uses drones to prevent illegal fishing Jamaica plans to use drones to fight fish, conch, and lobster poachers Surveillance drones can help save animals! Park rangers in Africa can respond instantly to elephant and rhino poachers Most agree that drones should be used to prevent wildlife trafficking Drone surveillance Tи reduced poaching in Kenya by 96% SOURCES HSTODAY.US · ONWARD.NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM · REASON.COM · USNEWS.COM NJL.GOV · ACLU.ORG · WIRED.COM · CNN.COM THEDODO.COM · RJRNEWSONLINE.COM · UAS.NOAA.GOV II

Police Drones: Technology Takes Crime Fighting To New Heights

shared by instantcheckmate on Jul 16
Police drones are changing the way law enforcement across the United States fights crime.


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