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Pocket Sized Personal Trainer

KEEP WORKOUT GOALS ON TRACK WITH OUR POCKET-SIZED PERSONAL TRAINER Fitlime * manda has had a lifelong dream: she wants to be a ballet dancer. She's been planning and working towards that goal for years. Lately, though, her energy has been flagging. Her productivity at work has fallen off. And her bathroom scale has been delivering bad news every time she steps on it. It's all combining to leave her with a negative self-image. And now she's afraid that her dream may be dying; after all, there are no chubby ballerinas! Amanda has lots of Company. HERE ARE SOME STATS IN AMERICA 8/10 1/3 iS OBESE Adults over 25 are Of the adult population OVERWEIGHT I NACTIVITY LEADS TO: manda made a wise decision. She decided to go to her doctor for help. 21-25% of breast and colon cancers 27% of diabetes 30% of heart blockage There was a bit of bad news at her checkup: her weight gain was causing her blood pressure to climb. And that could lead to many future health problems, including heart disease. EXERCISE HELPS TO: Control Weight Reduce Anxiety and Depression Improve Mood Promote Better Sleep A manda began her new exercise routine with great enthusiasm and dedication. She went for several weeks without missing a workout. But then, well. you can guess what happened, because it happens to all of us: her dedication began to waver. There are just so many distractions in modern life, all competing for our time; things like TV, Internet, social media. And let's face it they're all more appealing than exercise! who told her she should try Fitlime Aim. TRY IT, GIRL! ne day, Amanda was It's like a personal trainer you carry around on your smartphone. It can help you keep on track with your workout goals. discussing her weight issues with a friend. Here's How IfWorks GOALS SET CHECK IN AT Amanda can set her fitness goals, such as frequency and intensity of exercise. She enters those goals into Fitlime. RUN 2 MILES MY GYM MORDAY& weDwesDAY Amanda decided that she wants to run 2 miles, 2 days per week. She also wants to go to the gym for an hour once per week, she can set that as a location based goal on the app. FOR 1 HOUR RESTRICTIONS SET She enters into Fitlime the time periods she wants to restrict her electronic gadgets like TV and internet. As a reward, Fitlime allows her to access those gadgets only after she's accomplished her exercise goals. GOALS MET PROGRESS Fitlime tracks her progress as she moves steadily toward her goals. With Fitlime, Amanda's progress isn't just a jumble of numbers. Instead, her progress is clearly shown on charts and graphs. It's a great motivator! manda has been using Fitlime Aim for 6 months. Her pocket personal trainer has kept her on track, helping her to regularly meet her workout goals. She's lost her excess weight. Her confidence and energy levels have soared, and she's so proud of herself for achieving her goals. And best of all, her dream is still alive, she's scheduled to perform in her first public dance performance tonight! SOURCES hphysicalactivity http:/ Sheet 2012_all.pdf wwW.FITLIME.COM

Pocket Sized Personal Trainer

shared by william.c.dalebout on Mar 17
First of a series of infographics for fitness app creator Fitlime.


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