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Plasma and LCD

HDTV COMPARISON: LCD vs PLASMA LCD Plasma Dimensions: Diagonal size and depth 13-65' 32-64' ( 3' Optimal Viewing Angles and Weight 3-42 kg 15-40 kg 30 Lighter when compared. 90° Slightly heavier in comparison. PHYSICAL Luminance 100 - 500 cd/m? (Candela per meter squared) 100 - 250 cd/m (Candela per meter squared) LCDS are usually brighter and look better in lit conditions. Plasmas generally have a lower maximum brightness and look better under darker conditions. Contrast and Color Accuracy 500 - 10,000:1 500 - 5,000: 1 (Static Contrast) (Static Contrast) LCDS are back-lit and may suffer from 'light wash-out' which affects the overall contrast and color accuracy of the image. Since plasmas are not back-lit - meaning individual pixels can be turned off, they have a lower black luminance and are able to achieve a higher static contrast with colors richer than an LCD. PICTURE Pixel Response Time Bum-In 2-8 ms 2 ms (0.002 - 0.008sec) (0.002 sec) Plasmas have a quicker pixel response time which is how long it takes for an individual pixel to change between two colors. LCDS can have a temporary "retained pixel charge which produces ghosting aftifacts. Plasmas may suffer from a permanent burn-in produced by static images. Refresh Rate Glare 60hz (Native) 120 - 480hz (Interpolated) 60hz (Native) 480 - 600hz (Sub-Field Drive) Most input sources are usually 60hz or less Interpolation is the artificial repetition of frames used to create a smoothing effect. LCDS use plexiglass /acrylic panel with reduced glare. Plasmas use glass panels with noticable glare in bright conditions. PERFORMANCE Comparison of Average HDTV Power Consumption Running Cost Power A (Watts) - 200 - Plasma LCD USD$ 15 - 80/yr USD$ 30 - 120/yr 100 Lifespan 30k - 60k+ hrs 30k - 60k+ hrs 32 TV Size 60+ (Inches) (A lifespan of at least 15 yrs at an average daily use of 5.5 hrs.) POWER SOURCES • LCD vs. Plasma Display Technology: • The truth behind the numbers: • Plasma vs LCD: • HDTV Power Concumption: • Display Technology Shoot-Out: WWW.HDLCDTV.ORG 2012 © Copyright

Plasma and LCD

shared by Nirmal on May 01
This infographic from explains the difference between plasma tv and lcd tv.




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