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Personal vs. Purposed Devices

Managing mobile devices Your App NAME PASSWORD Mobile devices are transforming the way business is done. Whether a device is for an employee or a customer, you need the right management approach. Answer these simple questivons to determine which approach is right for your deployment. Oa 10:10 . Personal Devices Purposed Devices DEVICE TO USER RATIO DEVICE TO USER RATIO Who will use Employees (and their kids) Employees & Customers the device Will be used by one person Many will use a single device Goes everywhere with the user Device stays at the business and how? App Access Corporate Network Individual Productivity Empowering users Individual Choice Employee Satisfaction BYOD Securely enable access to corporate data/network What is your primary goal? Customer Service Better Serve Customers Employee satisfaction Innovate the customer experience Individual choice for mobile Kiosks Self-service Digital Signage Clientelling MPOS Line-busting Customer Experience lesfine Innovation in Enterprise app store Centrally managed (public & private apps) Public app store What about Known list of apps (drop enterprise only) User installs/manages Disable Install by users apps? Mix of personal & enterprise App lock to one app salesforce Wifi, VPN, Passcode What device configurations Wifi, Restrictions Email, Calendar, Contacts User self-configures need to be Users don't access settings / configurations managed? Active Directory drives policy App Settings Tripit Bulk Enroll (no email / no sms) User will self enroll Apple configurator How will you Invite via sms/email Enroll code with configuration definition (apps, profiles, tags) End-user authenticates via Active Directory enroll devices? Device config unique to each user Same configuration on many devices Б Passcode Compliance ******** Battery, Connectivity, Heartbeat CPU, Memory, Peripherals What is monitored Data Roaming Uptime on the devices Compliance: passcode, profiles Location, Apps, Profiles, Policies Non-compliance and what alerts Battery heartbeat crash Connectivity will you need? Security state 4GE Data Roaming ON O How will the Mixed networks (corporate & personal) devices connect Approved / corporate networks only Limit enterprise access based on networks to the Network? Mix of corporate and personal data What Data is Exchange, ERP, CRM Enterprise app data only on the device? Active Directory How important is Geolocation? Monitor for theft or loss Do not track privacy concern Monitor for secure state Do not track W 121H ST HORATIC ST store 21 Do not track W 10IHST store #254 WESTN ILLAGE GREEN WICH VILLAGE Do not track store #76 STH ST BLEECKER ST WASHINGTON SQUARE N w WASHINGTON PL WASHING TON SQUARE PARK ST 10 Protecting enterprise data What Security Locking down the device Jailbreaking concerns exist? Respecting personal data Monitoring secure state PCi HIPPA 11 Active Directory Remote app setting management What about NAME In-app authentication (active directory) SDK Integration? Remote monitoring PASSWORD End point security LOGIN 12 Solution vendors ZENPRISE Mobilelron MOKI mobility SOTinot airwatch" Good for A Purposed Devices K for Personal Devices ABOUT MOKIMOBILITY MokiMobility provides the first platform to secure, manage and monitor the use of tablets and smartphones as point-of-sale devices. As mobile technology begins to make its way into retail, restaurants and hospitality, MokiMobility provides businesses with the solutions to transform consumer devices into secure and reliable tools to better engage with their customers. MOKI mobility CREDITS: Content Development / Writer : Brad Hintze, VP Marketing Creative Direction / Designer : Tyrone Glbson Creative Director

Personal vs. Purposed Devices

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What's the difference between a personal device and a purposed device? How a purposed device engages consumers with a focused experiences in your store, lobby, or anywhere else.


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