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The Persistent Rise of E-Books

The E-book sales volumes are generally calculated from data that is provided by 14 big publishers who send their information to the Association of American Publishers. We will use that data. Persistent November 2010, the most recently tallied month: "E-book sales in November rose 129.7%, to $46.6 million." But that was actually below the year's average thus far: "7The gain was below the year-to-date average which has e-book sales ahead 165.6% through November, but was better than the 112.4% increase reported in October when e-book sales were $40.7 million". Rise of E-books In the US How does that compare over time? (millions of $) 165.8 724.2 ** 2011 2009 2010 439.2 299.4 through Q3. Q4: a. October: 40.7 million b. November 46.6 million C. Assuming steady dollar growth from Nov-Dec as set by Oct-Nov, December sales would be: 52.5 million Some background data points Estimated 2010: 299.4+40.7+46.6+52.5 (estimate) = 439.2 %3D First Kindle released: November 19, 2007 The percentage rise in 2010 from 2009 was 164.9%. Assuming similar percentage growth for 2011, e-book sales should hit 724,240,000 dollars. First Nook Released: November 30 2009 There are authors who have now sold more than 1 million e-books. • E-book sales are beginning to explode for major publishing houses. Comparing Holiday 2010 to Holiday 2009: - Simon & Schuster, up 150% RandomHouse, up 300% - Kensington, up 400% Sources: · news/article/45787-e-book-sales-rise-nearly-130-in-november.html, http://www.teleread. com/paul-bibalebook-growth-charted-in-an-annual-format/ In just 33 months after launch, Amazon began to sell more ebooks than hardcover. the-cover-off-of-hardcover-sales/ TNV Infographics kindle-alonel news/article/45724-pubs-see-big-jump-in-holiday-e-book-sales.html infographic design: brendan weekers 5.7 7.3 9.5 10.6 2007 31.8 2008 44.5

The Persistent Rise of E-Books

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More and more Americans are switching from those old, uncool, Luddite paper-bound books to getting their novel on with e-books. Get all the facts and figures about the rising trend of e-books.


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